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Conductor’s Top 10 Posts for 2011

2011 has been both an exciting and tumultuous year in online search.  From changing SERPs, to the focus on quality that Panda brought with it, to Google encrypting search queries, a lot has happened in our industry this year.

Conductor has been there along the way and have hopefully contributed positively to the discussion.  We’ve also been privileged to host great content from some super smart industry veterans like Ambar Shrivastava (formerly of The Ladders,)  Jeff Herbst from 2tor, and Shelly Towns from Angie’s List. *

*If you are interested in guest-blogging for us in 2012, reach out to Nathan Safran, Senior Research Analyst at Conductor.

Be sure to stay tuned for more great research, information, tips and webinars in 2012. And without further ado, here they are…

The Top 10 Conductor Blog Posts for 2011


1 Internet Retailer 500 Companies with In-House SEO Jumps by 24% in 7 Months

2011 has proven itself to be a year that brands and retailers escalate their focus on SEO. Conductor analysis showed Internet Retailer 500 companies with in-house SEO grew by 24% in seven months.

2 Keys to Success for In-House SEO, Part 1

The former lead in-house SEO for The Ladders, Ambar Shrivastava, answers the question: ‘How do you ensure your SEO team succeeds within a corporate environment?’  Find out how to build a well-rounded SEO team, document best practices, conduct cross-department training and more.

3 Update on Google Encrypted Traffic: 8.875% of Google Traffic (not available)

Google announced that it was now encrypting search results for users. Since a percentage of traffic does not pass search query referral data,  tracking the source of the traffic is more difficult. We analyzed 1.7 million search visits to determine the extent of search traffic that is encrypted.

4 Enterprise SEO: The Yin and Yang of Optimizing Big Websites

There are substantial and unique challenges to optimizing enterprise web sites.  Jeff Gold, Sr. Search Strategist for a Fortune 500 travel site, offers his insight on how best to manage SEO in the enterprise.

5 The Changing Face of the SERPs: 8 out of 10 High Volume Keywords Now Have Universal Results

The legendary “ten blue links” are a thing of the past.  We compare a 2007 SERP to the current search results and examine how Universal results have forever changed the SERPs. You can download the full Universal SERP research report here.

6 Between the Lines of Google’s Search Algorithm Improvements

Every year Google implements over 500 improvements to its search algorithms, and recently released a video describing their internal process for implementing changes to their search engine ranking algorithms.  Conductor SEO expert, Brian McDowell, highlights the most salient points.

7 The SEO Impact of ICANN’s New Top Level Domains

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers’ (ICANN) new Top-Level Domains (gTLD) are coming in 2012.  Conductor’s Rob Rozicki breaks down the SEO impact to websites of all sizes and describes how to plan for the coming change.

8 The Unoptimized SEO Report: How to Save Time in SEO Using Technology

Not all of an SEOs tasks are created equally—each has a varying degree of impact on search visibility.  Conductor’s Unoptimized SEO study examines the impact of  automation technology on the SEO’s ability to spend time on high-impact activities.

9 Personal Brand Management in the Google+ Age of the Search Engines

In June Google launched their new social network, Google +.  With the launch came a new dynamic for social users as their personal brands begin showing prominently in the search results.  Find out what personal brand owners can do to protect their personal brands in the search engines.

10 Thoughts on Where SEO Belongs in the Organization

We often get asked where in the organization search engine optimization (SEO) should sit.  Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik shares his thoughts and experiences working with organizations and offers the pros and cons for the various options.

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