Search and SEO SxSW Panels You Should Be Upvoting

SXSW-2013We have the chance to present some exclusive data at next year’s SxSW Festival. If you’re not familiar, South by Southwest (SxSW) is a multi-day music, film and tech festival that draws thousands towards Austin, TX every year. This year 3,200+ speaking pitches were submitted, and only a tiny fraction will be selected to present.

What you can expect in our SXSW talk

Be Bold, Stay Above the Fold” thesis is summed up as,

While much research has been devoted to demonstrating and measuring the strong correlation between organic search and traffic and conversion benefits, the branding potential and consumer influence of appearing in search results has largely been ignored.

In other words, we’re presenting data that shows a new paradigm of marketing – the first time anyone has actually measured the value of SEO’s effect on both branding and consumer intent to purchase. (See more data: branding value blog post and our branding value report.) Other things we intend to address in our SxSW panel:

  • What is the link between natural search engine results and brand awareness?
  • How important is it for brands to appear above the fold on page one of search engine results?
  • Can you measure the ROI for brands appearing above the fold on page one of search engine results vs. those that do not?
  • Why don’t most brand marketers view search as an important branding tool? Will this change in years to come and why?
  • What are the key components of the new brand development paradigm?

If you think this talk provides value and support for the SEO community, we ask you to vote now so we have a chance to present this research.


Luckily you can upvote more than one: other awesome SxSW panels on search

Now that we’ve taken the risk of sounding terribly self promotional, there’s hundreds of other excellent SxSW pitches. Here are some particularly relevant choices:

Search Engine Fortune Teller: Ranking Revealed

“Ever wonder why your website rank is low on search engines? Wish you knew how to optimize your site? Join blekko’s CEO, Rich Skrenta, for insights into web analytics, elegant solutions, and applying meaningful data.” (Blekko)

upvoting oprah

20 Yrs of Website Search: An Interactive Approach

“Join us as we narrate through five (5) evolutionary phases of website search. Starting with a simple text box and ending with aggregating live twitter feeds to rank search results in real time. All sketches will have downloadable and runnable code that demonstrates the search feature.” (HUGE)

Siri, Search and Science Need Semantic Opinion Data

“The semantic web will deliver increasing value by allowing mashups of opinions, not facts, allowing applications to deliver facts about opinions, leveraging the wisdom of crowds. We show how semantic opinion data can, in aggregate, answer questions of interest to market researchers, advertisers, politicians, and psychologists, as well as the average iPhone user.” (USC +

Are You Smarter Than an Algorithm?

“Algorithms now govern the market and define whether you have a successful or unsuccessful campaign. Brands must respond to this reality. For now, these systems still lack deep intelligence and creativity, so conceptual creativity can outsmart the computational brute force of algorithms. If you beat the algorithms, you beat the market. If you don’t, then you are at their mercy” (R/GA)

Unsexy, But Mandatory, Side of Social Media: SEO

“The most well known social media activities are flashy campaigns. We’ll uncover the less sexy but more valuable (long term) underbelly of SEO + social.” (Razorfish)

Search, Social, and Content (SSC) – The New SEO

“SEO is dead; you’ve heard it before (at SXSW 2012 perhaps). You’ve heard that ‘social’ is the new SEO. Then, why is it so hard to establish a socialized content marketing program that delivers the ROI of a focused SEO effort?” (Rackspace + Slingshot SEO)

Be Intentional, Not Creepy

“Intent is about actions, queries, clicks and behaviors. This presentation will cover how companies can isolate the Big Data that matters, analyze intent signals and adapt to them in order to offer a relevant and compelling experience the very first time a consumer engages with their brand. By focusing on intents instead of zodiac signs, online marketers can maximize customer conversion without damaging their brands through creepiness.” (Bloomreach + Atomic PR + Brian Eisenberg)

If you have a search-related SxSW panel up for voting, be sure to post it in the comments. Remember, voting for SxSW ends August 31st.

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