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The Apple Coverage Wars [Infographic]

Any hint of an ‘Apple’ product these days garners its fair share of coverage, but even by Apple standards, in the lead-up to the September 12th launch event the coverage was fast and furious online.  Rumors and speculation about what Apple might launch, from a larger iPhone to a mini-iPad flew thru the Blogosphere while supposed leaks of the new phone were covered far and wide.

To get a sense of which tech blogs won the digital media coverage war, we tracked 71 high-volume search terms readers might use to search for Apple coverage.  Half the terms were keywords searchers might use to search for iPhone coverage (e.g. ‘iPhone 5’, ‘iPhone rumors’…) and half were iPad  keywords (e.g. ‘newest iPad’, ‘iPad rumors’…). The keywords monitored represented more than 22 million monthly searches.

We monitored the keywords in Google’s search results and also monitored social activity on posts about the new iPhone and iPad using Searchlight, Conductor’s enterprise SEO platform.  We were then able to calculate the tech blogs that won the coverage war across both search and social and differentiate between the iPhone and iPad.

Mashable and Engadget Win in Social, CNET and Tech Radar Win Search

Mashable won the overall war for iPhone social coverage, besting second place finisher on Twitter with more than double the Twitter activity.  Engadget won the social war when it came to coverage of the rumored iPad although with a more narrow victory than Mashable in iPhone coverage.

When it came to search, due to superior SEO on their website, CNET and Tech Radar stood out, with a 77% likelihood that CNET will appear on the first page of Google for iPhone searches and a 56% likelihood that they will do so for iPad searches.


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