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Top 20 Must-Haves to Pack in your #Pubcon Survival Kit

It has been an exciting month for Conductor. We just finished up our annual C3 conference in New York city with a great turnout of global talent. This week we met with some of the industry best at our SMX East booth along with a couple of great speaking sessions at the event. With just over a week to go we have PubCon, the largest search marketing conference of the year in sunny Las Vegas.

Since I spend a lot of time traveling I thought it would be helpful to list the top 20 items to pack when hitting an industry conference.  Enjoy!

Packing For A Conference

20) Printout of session schedule and reservation information

Quick reference guides here.  Keeping your reservation numbers for your flight, hotel and conference gives you that added sense of security.  Include phone numbers of local cab services just in case.

19) Granola Bars

You will be running around literally all day.  Keep an extra snack in your bag for when you need a little nourishment.  Pack a box with your luggage and toss a a couple in your bag each morning.

18) Throat Lozenges

If you want to get the most out of your time at the conference you need to network.  Networking means talking, lots and lots of talking.  Keep in mind that you may be in smoky areas and that will pay a toll on you if you are a non-smoker.  Keeping your throat comfortable will allow you to last the entire week.

17) Breath Mints

Again, you should be doing a lot of talking.  Do your colleagues a favor and make the conversation enjoyable for both of you.  Otherwise you will find out that not many people want to have long detailed conversations with you.

16) Ibuprofen

Keep these on you at all times.  Not only are these good for those early mornings after a long night, they will help ease the achy knees and feet from all the standing and walking you will likely be doing.

15) 5 Hour Energy

I am a fan of energy drinks.  An energy boost is good when you are feeling sluggish at the end of the day.  You may also find it interesting that these little guys pack a huge punch of vitamin B6 which has been said to be a great cure for hangovers.

14) Notepad

As you network, you will be bombarded with ideas and thoughts.  Keep a small notebook to write down items you need to research.  Some of the brightest people I know use a pad and pen instead of their phone for collecting great thoughts.

13) Small Tote Bag

There is no need to carry a huge bag all over the place with you.  These 20 items can be carried easily in a small to medium sized messenger tote.  Throw in a grocery bag if you are a SWAG collector at the expo booths.

12) Laptop Computer

This is our lifeline.  While we can get most things done with a tablet or our phones, there are many times where you need the speed and efficiency of your laptop.

11) Tablet Device

I have found this to be the best device for taking notes at conferences.  They are easier to use in tight spaces and have screen resolutions that make quick web searches and tweeting your notes much easier.

10) Smart Phone

I don’t think anyone in the internet marketing field travels far without one of these.

9) Personal MiFi Device

Conference wifi signals often go in and out.  These open networks are also not as secure as they could be.  Taking your own MiFi and connect at anytime, even at dinner when you need to show off a great looking demo of Searchlight.

8) Battery Backup

Hunting down power in the middle of all the chaos is not always easy.  Keeping a battery backup on hand to recharge your headset, phone, tablet or MiFi card will keep you in the game longer.  Having a dead phone at the end of the evening is never a good thing.

7) Power Plug Extender

Why is there never an open plug when we need one.  If we do find one it is after a 15 minute game of hide-and-seek.  With these great plug extenders you can walk up to the first outlet you see and ask to share.  I always get a smile when I ask someone that question and the answer is always yes.  You can get one for about $15 from a local hardware store that comes with USB ports as well. WIN!

6) Business Cards

There is always one of these in the crowd.  Always take more cards then you think you will need.  Forgetting your cards will lead to uncomfortable situations when someone hands you theirs and does not get the proper social acceptance back.

5) USB Drive

Small and powerful.  You never know when someone has data to share or if you need to transfer something from your computer to someone else’s securely.  You can likely pick one up in the form of SWAG at a booth but don’t leave it to chance.

4) Chargers

I forgot an iPhone charger once and let me tell you it is not fun hunting down a friend to share one.


Everybody loves SWAG.  Bring along some branded goodies to give your customers, prospects and industry friends.

2) Brand Gear

Wear your brand.  If you are at an industry conference, try and find a way to promote your company.  This helps drive conversation and it is always fun to see your brand in someones Flicker feed.  If this is your target market, if you are hiring talent or if you want people to know about your company – ADVERTISE!


Make an impression.  Showcase your knowledge, share with non-competitors and above all else have integrity.  In the world of internet marketing where everything happens in real time with 140 characters or less, you cannot afford to do anything stupid.

Conductor will be making waves at this year’s PubCon

Look for our many representatives and see if you can get your hands on something special we are bringing just for our PubCon friends.

PubCon Las Vegas 2012

I will be a panelist in the following sessions, stop by and say hello:

In-House SEO – Tools and Processes on Tuesday from 4:30 – 5:45
Post Mortem – Banned Site Forensics on Wednesday from 3:10 – 4:15
Protecting Your Brand – Competitive Intel on Thursday from 1:30 – 2:45

Here is some insight on what you can expect:

Brian McDowell interview with Vertical Measures

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  1. Dan,
    I completely agree. At industry events you need to show your brand as much as possible. For starters, it helps engage conversation. Secondly it helps initiate conversations with clients who you have yet to meet or prospects looking for some additional insight. I love sporting the brand but have yet to go so far as getting the tattoo – who knows, perhaps someday.

  2. Daniel says:

    You can definitely see your skills within the work you write.