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The Top Ten Conductor SEO Blog Posts of 2012

2012 has been an exciting and busy year, both in the search industry and here at Conductor. Panda updates are a regular occurrence these days, with Penguin forcing the industry conversation on quality into the spotlight. The SERPs got a facelift, kicking off the year with Search Plus Your World, and incorporating Google+ into many of their search offerings–transforming local places results while introducing the Knowledge Graph.

Below, we’ve highlighted our 10 most popular SEO blog posts from 2012, featuring guest posters like Adam Dince (Head of Organic Search for Deluxe, E-Business), joint research with Search Engine Watch, and posts from our in-house SEO expert Brian McDowell, Director of Research Nathan Safran, and Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik.

We’re always looking to feature quality content, so if you think you might want to guest post on the Conductor blog in 2013, please reach out.

seo jobs infographic

1. Demand for SEO Professionals Has Never Been Greater + SEO Jobs Salary Guide

Our first data mashup post in July outlined how the SEO field is exploding with professional opportunity, with 1900% increase in job postings from July 2011-12. Based on the feedback and popularity of the post, we created an infographic and salary guide for the most common search marketing job titles.

referral traffic distribution

2. SURPRISE: Only 1% of Domains Drive Over 70% of Referring Traffic [DATA]

Conductor’s research team took on a post by SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin about the percentage of domains that actually drive referral traffic. Our larger sample size supported Rand’s initial analysis, with the added breakouts of organic search traffic, and B2B versus B2C.

5 things i wish i knew about seo

3. 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Out in SEO

Adam Dince, Head of Organic Search for Deluxe in E-business, provided 5 lessons search marketers can benefit from based on his expert background in web development and SEO.

why ddg might be a bigger long term threat to google
4. Could Duck Duck Go Be the Biggest Long-Term Threat to Google?

Following up a report from The Next Web that alternative search engine Duck Duck Go had seen a 227% increase in traffic between January-March 2012, Conductor’s Nathan Safran used examples of specific queries and the principal of the “searcher work quotient” to explain why Duck Duck Go just might be an eventual threat to Google.

wiki in the serps

5. Wikipedia in the SERPs + Google’s Love Affair with Wikipedia Far More Serious than Bing’s [Study]

In response to another study citing Wikipedia ranks on page 1 for 99% of search results, Conductor’s study used large sets of informational and transactional queries to find out how ever-present Wikipedia is in the SERPs. In a follow up piece, we compared Wikipedia’s presence in the SERPs between Google and Bing.

organic search leads traffic and conversions but trails in budget6. Organic Search Leads Traffic and Conversions Yet Trails in Budget and Mindshare

While Pinterest gained seemingly endless press and mindshare from bloggers, Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik reminded digital marketers that organic search still drives 5 times more traffic than all social sites.

rel=author tags impact7. How 9-out-of-10 Tech Sites Could Improve Their Search Listings with One Simple Fix

Conductor’s examination of Technorati’s top 250 tech blogs revealed that nearly 90% had not implemented the rel=author tag, otherwise known as authorship or author rank.

why 2013 will be the year of the seo8. Why 2013 Will the Year of the SEO

This research highlighted what’s top of mind for search marketers looking ahead, conducted in collaboration with Search Engine Watch and presented at Conductor’s customer conference, C3.

google your world and what it means for the seo9. What is Google Your World and What it Means for the SEO

When Google+ was rolled into the SERPs early last year, many had questions. Conductor’s SEO expert Brian McDowell (Director, Customer Search Strategies) was one of the first to explain what the Search Plus Your World announcement meant for your 2012 SEO strategy.

branding value of SEO study10. The Branding Value of Page 1 Study

This post announced the first study of its kind – quantifying the case that appearing on page 1 of the search results impacts brand value, perception of brand quality, and purchase consideration. (Just want the study? Download “The Branding Value of Search’s Page 1”)

Bonus: One of our favorites from 2012

social in serps for tech blogs11. Social in the SERPs: How the Social Networks Appear in the Search Results for the World’s 500 Top Tech Writers

Conductor’s research team used our SEO platform to examine how Robert Scoble’s list of the 500 most influential tech bloggers appear in social networks in search results, with some surprising conclusions.

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