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Top 10 Conductor Blog Posts of 2013

It wouldn’t be January without a deluge of 2013 wrap-up posts. We’re joining the fray, highlighting the Conductor blog’s varied milestones. Over the course of 2013, we studied the evolution of SEO, unveiled groundbreaking features, poked holes in Google’s new tools, and hosted exceptional advice from marketing leaders we know have a hand in the future of the industry.

Cherry-picked from an eventful year both for our company and the community at large, these top ten blog posts of 2013 will give you insight in the year that has just finished, and the one that’s just beginning.

TrueTraffic1) Conductor Launches TrueTraffic: A Marketer’s Solution to Not-Provided

Where were you when Not Provided hit in September? We were launching TrueTraffic, a new Searchlight feature to keep keywords in our customers’ pockets. Read about it here, from the Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik. The follow-up post has even more detail.

fish2) Something’s Fishy in the State of Google’s New Keyword Tool [Data]

Ours was among the collective minds blown when Nathan Safran pointed out inconsistencies in Google’s keyword planner tool.

growth3) SEO Professional: The Ultimate High-Growth Job

In 2013, search marketing was a boomtown. Seth Dotterer, VP of Marketing at Conductor, wrote about SEO’s explosive growth and the redefining of the industry.

communicating boy4) Your Success in SEO Is Dependent upon Your Ability to Engage Non-SEOs

If you overheard a coworker say, “I want to learn more about SEO. I had no idea that what I do can make such a big impact,” would that be music to your ears? Adam Dince, Head of Organic Search for Deluxe, shares his experience along with other expert views on galvanizing team members to collaborate and excel in SEO.

site traffic drop5) What Caused Your Site Traffic to Drop? An SEO Forensics Manual

Learn how to get to the bottom of traffic decreases with Brian McDowell, the Director of Search Intelligence at Conductor. A gem for the technical SEO in you, Brian walks you through a SEO forensics case study to illustrate SEO deduction.

change  the plan not the goal6) Set Integrated Marketing Goals and KPIs with the SMART Framework

What better time to set your marketing goals than at the beginning of a crisp new calendar? Mack Fogelson, CEO of Mack Web Solutions, has laid out a framework for your marketing goals that is at once perceptive and approachable.

money7) The Secrets of Successful Search Marketers Revealed [Study]

We wanted to know what habits and qualities make exceptional digital marketers stand out in the business. So we took a look at the numbers. In this post, Nathan Safran details what we found.

mouse gets cheese8) 5 Vital Behaviors That Will Propel SEO within Any Organization

“Promote SEO in your organization,” can feel just as empty as “Eat fewer calories to lose weight,” says Josh Braaten, Director of Inbound Marketing at Collegis Education. But by the end of this post, you’ll be on your way to increasing the value of SEO in your company and maybe even meeting those 2014 weight loss goals.

schema-markup9) Effort, Impact, & ROI

This article by Kara Alcamo of r2i will not only explain schema where other posts fail, it also offers a formula to help you objectively figure out if implementing schema makes sense for your business.

web traffic channel distribution10) 310 Million Visits: Nearly Half of All Web Site Traffic Comes From Natural Search [Data]

Was search thriving in 2013? Nathan Safran took a mid-year look at the distribution of web visits across channels. Let’s just say both the present and future of SEO are looking bright.

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