Our Valentine to You: An SEO Infographic on Gift-Related Keywords

This Valentine’s Day we searched for something special for all of you.  And what is the perfect gift for search marketers?  Data on searchers looking for gift-giving related keywords! In an SEO infographic!  We took a look at a number of keywords and chose 100 high volume gift-related keywords (search terms containing the word “gift”) to look at under a microscope and what we found was pretty interesting. 

Keywords relating to a male-interest (guy, boyfriend, husband, etc) had higher monthly search volume when compared to similar terms of the female persuasion.  Google Trends data bolstered this finding with up to a 4x more likelihood for a searcher to be looking for male-related gift terms.  We should also note that of our final 100 keyword set, Valentine’s Day related keywords were a solid 25% and Pinterest ranked in the Top 3 positions on Page 1 for all 100 terms twitter-icon.

The top-half of Page 1 of Google was also home to (understandably), (doing great with content), (the same),,, (cornering the handmade/homemade market),,, and (a curious Pinterest-styled website specifically devoted to ideas for gifts for men).  Some of the keywords that made it in as modifiers outside of gender-included themes were “romantic,” “cute,” “ideas,” “thoughtful,” and “baskets.”


Our takeaways to marketers? Target a wider audience by writing for and tracking other terms in addition to Valentine’s Day specific terms.  Additionally, write content around gifts for men as well as gifts for women; but, you may want to test skewing more content for male-related gifts if your product or service line matches that market.  

Are you tracking Valentine’s Day keywords?  What does your Content Team and Social Team tend to publish/promote this time each year?  We would love to know – tell us in the comments below!

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