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SEO Reporting Tools: Our 3 Favorite Features in Conductor

It’s the beginning of the month again and the PPC, SEO, Social Media and PR teams here at 451 Marketing all know what that means: reporting week.

For most agencies, reporting week is the most dreaded time of any month. It means focusing on analyzing your efforts and the impact they have had for your clients as well as hypothesizing the progress you hope to make in coming months.


With SEO being such a challenging landscape, how, you ask, do we get through the first 10 days of every month without pulling our hair out? Luckily, our team has access to a plethora of SEO reporting tools and monitoring capabilities all of which allow us to dive deeply into analytics above and beyond our typical free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

A Platform for an Integrated Marketing Strategy

SEO has evolved. It is no longer a practice of keyword stuffing based on meticulously selected keywords and link building. It’s morphed into a critical strategy; part of a larger integrated marketing plan that influences and informs business decisions and expands your entire online, content and social media footprint. That’s why we opt to have Conductor, one of the industry’s leading Web Presence Management platforms, in our arsenal. It serves as our SEO reporting software (among other capabilities).

Here are our picks for the top 3 features in Conductor Searchlight and how we use them to our agency — and client’s — advantage:

SEO Reporting Tool #1: Competitive Insights

In any marketing strategy, knowing and understanding your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is crucial. Identifying competitive gaps and filling them in is imperative to any strong SEO strategy.

The competitive intelligence found in Conductor Searchlight allows our team to keep an eye on our clients’ competitors at all times. We can see, in real time, if competitors are creating new content that is rising up the ranks or ranking for keywords that our client doesn’t rank for. We can also see what URLs our competitors have in the top 5 positions for specific keywords.


Having this information at our fingertips is invaluable; we can use this insight to quickly adjust our strategy and recommendations to ensure our clients stay at the top of their game.

Having this information at our fingertips is invaluable; we can use this insight to quickly adjust our strategy and recommendations to ensure our clients stay at the top of their game. twitter-icon

SEO Reporting Tool #2: Reputation Management

We get it. Not everyone loves our clients as much as much we do. What happens when someone searches for our clients’ products or services and negative listings pop up?


After performing a digital audit for possible reputation management keywords like “reviews” and “complaints,” we can use Conductor to track the category market share and URLs ranking on reputation management keywords. twitter-icon We can then share these links with our clients and recommend rebuttal and/or content creation strategies to help push down negative reviews in the SERPs. We can also use the information we collect on these keywords via tracking to create positive PPC ads to gain digital shelf space and divert clicks away from negative results.

SEO Reporting Tool #3: Workspace Customization

Building reports has never been easier. Conductor allows you to select from a core set of workspace templates that you can personalize based on different stakeholders internally or externally on the client side. These templates can be fully customized with various widgets, images, logos, screenshots from other tools and more.


You can also create your own workspaces without the use of a template, which is helpful for clients who have specific SEO reporting needs. The organization of workspaces makes our team’s lives easier; we can add workspaces to folders and then schedule the workspaces to go out either immediately, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. The widgets in each workspace update every week so we don’t have to continuously go in. We simply add our analysis and send.

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