How well do you really understand your customers?

We marketers often act like our customers will come straight to us when they need answers. But that’s not how it works — our customers always choose to search on the channels they trust and the channels they know.


94% of shoppers conduct research online before making an online purchase. 94% of people click on organic content instead of ads.

With Adobe Analytics, you have insight into what happens inside your online business: who visits, and how they convert

Add Conductor SEO platform, and you get visibility beyond your site: how your customers search for what they’re looking for.

With Conductor and Adobe together, you get the full picture of your business and the opportunities around you. You’ll understand how to create compelling content that satisfies your customers’ search intent and drives more traffic and revenue to your business.

The Conductor + Adobe Integration Comprehensive View

Adobe Analytics shows performance metrics on your site: visits, traffic, and conversions.

Conductor Searchlight shows performance metrics before your customers reach your site: organic and search content visibility, customer search intent, and competitive opportunities.

Can you answer these questions today?

  1. You have honed your product pages to perfection, but do they attract customers by using the language they use when they search?
  2. You know how to convert a user once they are on your site, but how do you reach prospects who find a competitor first?
  3. You invest in content, but are your customers find that content in the right stage of their buyer’s journey — or at all?

You next customer is searching. Be what they find. Enhance your Adobe investment with Conductor.

Want to learn more? Make sure to stop by the Conductor booth at Adobe Summit.

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