SoloSegment helps speed up website buyer’s journeys to improve conversions. We use AI and behavior-based personalization to match your visitors with the content they need, at the time they need it.

Understanding customer intent is a powerful marketing tool. The right intent data will allow you to effectively connect potential customers to the content that is going to help them achieve their goal. So where do you find intent data? It exists in the systems you use today. 

Behavior based personalization is a strategy to offer content recommendation that considers your customer’s intent. If you know where to look and you have the ability to mobilize that data you can use it to progress journeys, convert more business and win more often.

GuideBox incorporates predictive personalization so users find exactly what they need before they know they need it. It accelerates content discovery and enables effortless navigation—the website does all the work. GuideBox works from anywhere on the site.

With SoloSegment technology and expert guidance, web marketers are able to make smarter decisions, deliver more relevant content, and improve sales.

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