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Introducing Global Conductor + Analytics Integrations & Competitive Market Share

Over the last year, we’ve been asking our customers what they need to move the needle on global content ROI. We heard questions like:

  • What content should I create to increase revenue in my Japanese market?
  • How do I get early stage mobile visitors to convert?
  • I’m losing traffic in Dusseldorf. Does my content match up to the way customers in that region search?
  • Wikipedia and Amazon are dominating the answer boxes in my US market. How can I compete?

To get these answers, they need the full, global context of their content’s story, from visibility to conversion.

That’s why we created the technology we’re announcing today: our next generation, global integration with Adobe and Google Analytics and a new content intelligence technology called Competitive Market Share.

Adobe + Conductor: A Comprehensive View of Content Opportunities and ROI

Context is power. With both analytics and organic marketing insights, you know who sees your content, why your conversions decline or increase, and if your content matches your customers’ search intent.

“Our Adobe and Conductor integration gives us a better and more comprehensive understanding of our online performance. Adobe gives us metrics like visits and page views, but it’s Conductor that pulls that story together.”

Steven Bush, Vice President of Search, Citibank

And you need that context for different markets and teams; what your Brazil team wants to see is completely different than what your UK team does.


The global Conductor and Analytics integrations give a comprehensive view of your content performance, and they align to the ways your teams around the world look at their search and site data.

“Conductor Searchlight has become our centralized reporting platform for aligning international stakeholders around our global performance metrics.”

Mandy Fredenhagen, Vice President Global Digital Marketing, Citibank

With the global integration, Conductor’s Content Insights and Content Mapping are more powerful than ever. With them, you can find region-specific content opportunities and gaps, and create targeted content that gets more qualified customers through your buyer’s journey.


“Conductor has been an Adobe partner for the past six years. Our global integration gives marketers comprehensive insights about their web presence, combining Adobe’s site performance data with Conductor’s organic marketing insights. Our shared data guides marketers throughout the content creation process, from providing SEO recommendations in the Adobe Experience Manager to proving the ROI of content. The Adobe and Conductor integration is a powerful, vital part of an enterprise marketing stack.”

John Mellor, EVP, Digital Media, Adobe

A Global View of Content Competition, With Precision Targeting by Location, Search Type, and Device

Conductor’s enhanced Competitive Market Share gives you more context around your competitive search landscape.

With Competitive Market Share, you can get broad and zoomed in views of competitive gains and losses over time. You can customize the market share you look at to reflect your business goals, filtering by search volume, number of results, and ranking position.

This new functionality is designed to help you track known and unknown competitors, and tailor your content to take over top search spots for different regions, result types, and devices.

“Conductor shined light on our competition and helped people understand the impact that best practices can have in driving a greater share of traffic. Seeing your competitors in Searchlight allows you to understand how others competing with you for traffic are positioning their content.”

Chris Hall, Senior Manager, Technology and Online Media at U.S. Soccer Federation

Get Context for Content That Drives Conversions

With these new capabilities, you can pull your content story together – from competition to conversion – in a simple, comprehensive view that’s designed to accelerate content ROI.

“Analytics data by itself can be a great resource, but it’s Conductor that provides all the context that explains why certain trends are emerging.”

Dominion Enterprises

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