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Google AMP Pages Now in Main Mobile Results, Google Bans Payday Loan Ads

While July centered around algorithm changes, August is all about user experience. Google made a major update affecting a large portion of spam on ads and now AMP (accelerated mobile pages) pages are integrated in main mobile search results.

Read our recap below that includes:

  • AMP Pages will now be in the main mobile search results
  • Googles ban on high interest & payday loans ads finally goes into effect
  • Is Link Building Still Relevant?
  • Google tries to keep Google+ relevant by taking away the ability to edit business descriptions on GoogleMyBusiness.


Want more details? Get into the nitty-gritty by watching the full SEO webinar recording for August’s edition.

AMP Pages Will Now be in the Main Mobile Search Results

Originally, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages were only in the “Top Stories” carousal, but now Google has also started showing them in the main mobile search results. This is just further proof that AMP pages are going to be the future of mobile search.


While this might make webmasters want to convert their whole website into AMP pages, we’re telling you to proceed with caution. While the technology is becoming more widely used, and for different types of content, you still need to be smart about it. There still isn’t enough data on how it affects traffic.

Google’s Ban on High Interest & Payday Loans Ads Goes into Effect

Back in May, Google announced that they will no longer allow ads that promote high-interest and payday loans.

The criteria is as follows :

  • Payday loans that require repayment within 60 days
  • Loans with interest rates higher than 36% and higher

Companies will most likely adjust their interest rates or create new products to fulfill these guidelines. But, it’s good to see Google taking a stand against these types of loans. More info from Google here.

Is Link-Building Still Relevant?

Links, in general, are always a hot topic in the SEO community. Everyone has their opinion, and no one is definitively right or wrong. We all agree they are important, but we mainly disagree on the methods of obtaining them.

Should you still be link-building? Most SEOs say yes. You should always have some form of link-building around your content efforts. This ensures the best possible chance of ranking for your targeted keywords.

How do you do it properly?

  • If you are outsourcing – Hire someone you trust. Ensure they have a good track record.
  • If you are keeping it in-house, be prepared to invest a good portion of your time. Read up on building methodologies, and ensure you are not causing more harm than good.

Getting a link penalty is easy nowadays, so tread cautiously.

Google Takes Away The Ability To Edit Business Descriptions in Google My Business

In an attempt to keep Google+ relevant, Google has removed the ability to edit business descriptions on Google My Business. Instead users are forced to go to the Google+ platform to do so.

Per Google:
The Introduction/Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It only displays to users in Google+, and may still be edited there. Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved way to describe your business to users on Google Search and Maps.

This was most likely done because users were spamming the descriptions. If you need more information on how to edit your introduction field on Google+, SERoundTable has a great article about it.

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  1. Deepika Singh says:

    Link building is most crucial now a days. Creating great content is nor enough, we need to make it reachable to the right audience.

  2. Tracy Woods says:

    It was suggested to me to set up free blogging sites on WordPress, tumblr, weebly and blogger. Write 3-4 blog posts with links back to pages on my site, then publish those blogs on all 4 blogs.

    This seems a little black hat to me, what’s your opinion?

  3. hema says:

    Great content thank you for sharing nice info……

  4. hema says:

    Great post thank you………….

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