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Successful B2B Marketing Comes From These Two Factors

What makes for successful B2B marketing? Recent research from Content Marketing Insitute, reveals that B2B marketers are seeing more success via their content marketing efforts, as they build out better processes for creating, strategizing and measuring content marketing.

62% of B2B marketers believe their organization’s overall approach to content marketing has been much more or somewhat more successful, and 22% of B2B marketers say their organization’s overall content marketing approach is extremely or very successful.

successful b2b marketing

Successful B2B Marketing Comes on the Heels of Better Content and a Stronger Strategy

Why are B2B content marketers getting better? According to the research, the top two factors that directly contributed to their success:

  1. Higher quality, more efficient content creation (85%)
  2. Development and adjustment of content strategy (72%)

successful b2b marketing

While the 2 top factors that contributed to B2B marketer’s struggles over the last year were:

  1. Not enough time devoted to content marketing (57%)
  2. Content creation challenges (47%)

successful b2b marketing

While content creation is the top factor for successful B2B content marketing (70% of B2B marketers expect to produce more content in 2017), 76% of B2B marketers say they always or frequently prioritize quality over quantity.

The Most Successful Content Marketers Measure ROI

While measuring content ROI is a notorious problem for content marketers, this report reveals that measuring content marketing ROI isn’t just possible, it’s a necessity for buy-in and effectiveness: 72% of the B2B marketers measure content ROI, compared to 88% of the best B2B marketers.

A whopping 75% of B2B marketers can demonstrate with metrics how content marketing has increased audience engagement for their brand.

Marketers Who Are Committed to Content Marketing Will Be More Successful in 2017

If there’s one thing this year’s report has in common with last year’s, it’s that the most successful companies are those that have committed longer to content marketing strategy. 91% of the best B2B marketers are extremely or very committed to content marketing, compared to 63% of all B2B marketers.

“One important distinction among marketers who are consistently top performers is their level of commitment,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute. “It’s clear if you want to be successful with your content marketing you need to make it a priority.”

Did you also know that only 2 out of 5 B2B marketers don’t target their content? See our new data about the state of B2B marketing.

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