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5 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2017

Another Content Marketing World has come and gone, full of stellar keynotes, engaging breakouts, and a lot of orange-colored food. But the weeklong whirlwind presented more opportunities for deep learning than any one marketer could take in.

So in the interest of skill sharing, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite takeaways from five days spent rubbing elbows with brilliant marketers.

1. Make What You’d Share

(Insight courtesy of Amy Schmittauer twitter-icon)

Whether you’re producing an eBook, a webinar, a product video, or some other chunk of amazing content, the first and last question you should be asking yourself is: would I share this? If what you’re putting out there isn’t the sort of thing that would make you say to yourself, “I have got to send this to someone,” it likely won’t be that for your audience, either.

2. On the World Stage, Mix Governance with Autonomy

(Insight courtesy of Rebecca Lieb content marketing world)

For enterprise companies, it’s often difficult to know where HQ should manage and where it should step back. If you want to have a truly global content team, it’s crucial to allow enough autonomy for people to breathe.

Empower through strategic direction from the top down, then know when it’s time to let your people do their thing. “Governance and process are where content gets expensive,” she said, “but without them quality is the first casualty.”

3. Tell Stories, Tell Stories, Tell Stories

(Insight courtesy of Tom Gerace content marketing world)

Narrative is the base unit of emotional significance, and without it, your content is bound to get lost in the shuffle. Every company is capable of telling a story — whether you’re an aspirational B2C retailer or a niche B2B SaaS vendor. Don’t believe us? Tell that to the detergent brand that got 50 million views:

The long and short of it? Find your story and tell it well.

4. It’s Never Been Easier to Be Average

(Insight courtesy of Jay Acunzo content marketing world)

Putting out average content has never been easier to do. We understand the majority better than ever, and trying to please everyone is pretty simple nowadays. Resist the temptation. Instead, focus on resonance over reach — make something 100,000 people will love, not something millions will skim over.

content marketing world
One of the whiteboard marketing signs at Content Marketing World.

5. There’s Only One Secret Sauce

(Insight courtesy of Seth Besmertnik content marketing world)

When you’re creating amazing content, there’s only one person who really matters: your customer. The most important thing you can do is drive value for them. Don’t worry about becoming an expert in SEO or content; become an expert in what your customer actually needs. If you can do that, you’ve always got a north star that will guide your business through any challenge — and bring in serious results.

That’s far from all we learned this year, but it’s a start. We can’t wait to put this practical wisdom to work, and we look forward to seeing what happens when you do the same.

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