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The Existentialist Plight of the Marketer

Marketing is difficult work. Some might even say absurdly difficult. Keeping up with industry trends, staying on top of your technical know-how, showing up to work even in the face of the monstrous indifference of the universe — it’s a real can of worms.

Who hasn’t hit “publish” on a blog post that was only half-finished, forgotten to prepare the deck for a huge quarterly meeting, or been put on trial by a faceless judge for a crime the court refuses to name? Don’t ever let anybody tell you marketing is easy.

As Robert Rose always says, “The notion of an overarching structure to human existence is nothing but a persistent illusion. We are adrift on a sea of meaninglessness without rudder or oar.” Truer words were never spoken, are we right?

Don’t let your sanity fall by the wayside. Get in a little therapy session with our video, SEO and Content Go To Couples Therapy.

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