It is a truth universally acknowledged in marketing that great content is the key to unlocking value for your audience, and that keyword identification is the first step to finding the right topics to write about.

Educational content and increased customer affinity.

A week after reading a piece of educational content, customers continue to feel more and more positive about the brands who create that great content.

Keyword Extraction for Content Should Be Easy

We spend an inordinate amount of time as marketers asking how, exactly, to make great content that targets the right keywords. But what if we didn’t need to keep 200 tabs featuring a million different tools open on our web browsers just to understand how to extract keywords and make our content as strong and findable as possible?

Introducing the Customer Voice Plugin for Google Docs

That’s where the new Customer Voice Plugin for Google Docs can change the way we actually make content by providing a one-stop shop for a better workflow that integrates all that legwork and keyword extraction research right into the Google Doc you’re writing that brand new blog post in.

Many content marketers find it difficult to build the key step of keyword identification research into their workflow except as after-the-fact additions based on SEO considerations. Marketers that do put a premium on gaining a deep understanding of their customer voice often sacrifice efficiency to do so. But that was then, and this is now; with the Google Docs Plug-In, you will be able to access the customer voice and successfully identify keywords from the start of your content creation process.

Keyword Identification Means Putting the Customer First

As you write, you will be able to do real-time topic research and keyword extraction, and discover customer demand. You can research topics and identify keywords by customer journey stage, competition and of course, search volume.

As a content creator, your workflow will be transformed and your content output improved because the considerations that underlie every piece of successful content (customer needs, keyword extraction, creativity, new perspectives and opportunities) will be built into the very text of everything you produce.

Welcome to the future of content creation with Customer Voice Plugin for Google Docs: a new world of content marketing built from the ground up to be customer-first.

Conductor customers can get the plugin for free here. Not a customer yet? Contact us to learn more how you can get the plugin and so much more with Conductor.

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  1. Aeternus Gaming says:

    No, it hasn’t happened to me to get stuck when using a keyword tool, these tools are literally some of the less resource hungry out there compare to other digital marketing tools.