A great marketing conference can be the highlight of your work year. A compelling speaker can give you an idea for your next slam dunk marketing campaign; a quality connection can prove to be a lifelong marketing friend; and with the right attitude you can leave feeling reenergized and ready to get back to work.

That being said, conferences go by fast, and you need to bring your A-game.

As we prep New York’s New World Stages for our own big marketing conference, C3, we asked our seasoned squad of marketing conference insiders to share their wisdom and conference tips to conference attendees:


What should you take to a marketing conference?

Our Content Director offers up her best conference tips.

Business cards, hand sanitizer, a big water bottle, and room in your suitcase for swag. Download maps of the area before you arrive — you don’t always know when you’ll have service. And bring your team of course!

– Charity Stebbins, Content Director


What should you bring home from a conference?

Our Director of Corporate Marketing offers up her best conference tips.An extended network, key takeaways and insights. Bring home a desire to put new ideas into practice, a few new Twitter followers and friends, and a better idea of how to overcome the challenges you’re facing.

– Laura Roth, Director of Corporate Marketing


What’s your best conference advice?

Our Content and SEO Strategist offers her best conference tips and advice.Don’t rely on your memory to retain information you learn. Take plenty of notes. A week later when you’re back in the office and your CMO asks what you learned at the conference, you’ll have a record of the insights you learned.

– Amy Biggart, Sr. Content and SEO Strategist


What’s your advice for a marketer attending C3?

C3 is packed full of great sessions, but it’s not so big that you can’t meet a speaker you like. Use it as your chance to get up close with the speakers you enjoyed. They’re there to network too. – Luke Conley, Multimedia Content Producer

Don’t miss the opening keynote! It sets the tone for the whole conference. – Charity Stebbins, Content Director

Make a plan in advance so you make the most of your time, because the energy once you’re on the ground at C3 is pretty intense (in an amazing way): it’s only two days, so you want to attend as many sessions as you can. Check out the speakers, sessions, and tracks in advance so you can make sure to get into every session you’re interested in. Make sure to include at least one that is outside your wheelhouse to bring something new to your marketing mindset. – Christine Schrader, Content Marketing Manager

Stop by the Innovation Lab. There’s plenty of sessions to see and speakers to meet, but if you want to see what’s in store for the future of marketing and Conductor Searchlight, you can find it all at the Innovation Lab. – Amy Biggart, Sr. Content and SEO Strategist

What will you learn at C3?

It’s really a choose-your-own-adventure experience. I’m partial to the content and leadership talks, which offer awesome content marketing tactics and quality advice for how to lead. – Charity Stebbins, Content Director

I plan to walk away having learned about some awesome SEO experiments marketers have been trying and their results. – Amy Biggart, Sr. Content and SEO Strategist

You’ll learn everything from big picture strategic thinking, through to innovative marketing campaigns and specific tactics of how to surpass your goals. – Laura Roth, Director of Corporate Marketing

What are you most excited about for C3?

The Innovation Lab! I can’t wait to see what’s new in Conductor Searchlight for 2018. – Lindsay Boyajian, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

I am really looking forward to hearing Kelly Watkins from Slack speak. – Charity Stebbins, Content Director

Wil Reynolds will give a killer keynote about how to win at SEO, and I’m really excited to hear the opening keynote from our CEO, Seth Besmertnik. – Sol Weinreich, Sr. Manager of Demand Generation

That’s hard to say – there’s so many amazing things happening. I think I’m always excited for the different mix of speakers from key influencers to global brands that are on the stage. – Laura Roth, Director of Corporate Marketing

I can’t wait to see so many marketers coming together. This year’s theme is ‘Awesome Marketers Earning Customers’ and I’m excited for all of us to be in one room, sharing ideas for how we can make better content and experiences for our customers. – Amy Biggart, Sr. Content and SEO Strategist

Still on the fence about C3? Break out your best networking hat, note-taking pencil, and, of course, your dancing shoes (because there is going to be an incredible after-party, obviously) and join us at the greatest marketing conference in the greatest city in the world.

Register now for C3 2018 and get $200 off! It’s all happening March 7-8th in New York City. Let us know in the comments what your advice is for conferences, and what you’re excited about for this year’s C3.

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