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What Is Naver? Inside Conductor’s Naver SEO Integration

  • Product News
  • By AJ Kieffer
  • 4 minutes read

Naver is one of the top search engines in South Korea. Learn how to use Naver SEO data from Conductor to connect with customers in APAC.

The South Korean eCommerce market is worth $69B. It’s one of the biggest and fastest growing players in global eCommerce, and any brand seeking to expand their presence worldwide and get their piece of this pie needs to develop an informed SEO and content strategy for the South Korean market.

That means getting familiar with the biggest South Korean search engine, Naver. To help you understand demand and win visibility in this critical market, we’re excited to announce that Conductor is now the first and only enterprise organic marketing platform to offer Naver monthly search volume data, powered by our partnership with Dragon Metrics.

Read on to learn more about Naver, and how Naver monthly search volume data from Conductor can help you grow your presence in APAC.

What is Naver? How does Naver compare to Google?

Naver is the leading South Korean search engine, and one of the few search engines in the world that can challenge Google’s dominance. In South Korea, Naver’s popularity and usage have made it a staple of everyday life, and it commands major search engine market share in the country.

A key difference between Naver and Google helps explain Naver’s regional dominance. Korean syntax differs greatly from English syntax, and the Naver search algorithm is built around the fundamentals of Korean language instead of the English language (the foundation of the Google algorithm). This enables Naver to deliver search results that are highly relevant to core users.

It also means that optimizing content for Naver is a whole different ball game from optimizing for Google. To grow your visibility on Naver and reach new customers in South Korea, you need search data and insights unique to the search engine. But accessing Naver data and insights isn’t easy.

In order to understand customer demand and your brand’s market share on Naver, you need keyword search volume data. SEOs in South Korea can get this data directly from Naver by signing up for an account on Naver Ads, Naver’s PPC platform. But for brands based outside of South Korea, things get complicated.

Unless you’ve registered your company and established a physical location in South Korea, it can be hard to create a Naver Ads account. Naver Ads require an official South Korean company registration number and a South Korean company address in order to sign up.

So, if your brand isn’t fully set up in South Korea, but you’re expanding in APAC and need firsthand Naver search volume data, what’s an SEO to do? That's where Conductor comes in.

The first enterprise SEO solution for Naver and APAC: Conductor + Dragon Metrics

At Conductor, our mission is to give marketers the search technology and support they need to reach and help customers everywhere. That’s why we’ve partnered with Dragon Metrics , the leading APAC SEO solution, to be the first and only enterprise organic marketing solution to offer monthly search volume for keywords in Naver (and Baidu, the top Chinese search engine!).

With Naver monthly search volume data from Conductor + Dragon Metrics, you can develop a data-driven content strategy in South Korea, optimize your international digital presence for maximum visibility, and connect more deeply with customers in APAC—before your competitors.

Dragon Metrics enables us to deliver the highest quality Naver and Baidu search data possible—and the deepest well of digital marketing expertise across the APAC region—in a way other SEO solutions can’t. Dragon Metrics has an on-the-ground presence in APAC, which powers their industry-leading data accuracy and stability.

We’re excited to bring you the Naver data you need to win customers in South Korea!

Ready to grow your global presence with the best APAC search data around? See what Conductor can do for your global digital marketing strategy.

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