Earlier this year, we launched Conductor Academy with an SEO bang, and we’ve been thrilled to see the impact we’ve made on marketers through our online digital marketing training. Good news: now, we’re back with an all new course on Paid and Organic Synergy!

Are you an SEO who needs to grow your SEM expertise to get a seat at the table? Are you an SEM who needs to increase your conversion rate? Are you a team leader who wants to maximize the ROI of your paid and organic search spend?

Class is in session!

Synergy, you say?

Synergy? Between two teams – paid search and SEO – that often don’t even know each other? But… how?

It’s easy to stay head down and focused on our daily tasks. But for two teams that have many of the same objectives, think of the power that could be created if you joined forces, shared insights, and developed your campaign strategies holistically.

In our new Conductor Academy course, Paid and Organic Synergy, we break down exactly what this synergy is, and share best practices for optimizing your paid and organic spend. 

Paid and organic search in perfect harmony

Whether you’re Team SEO or Team SEM, we all know our digital marketing is more powerful when we work together – and that’s the heart of paid and organic synergy.

Simply put, paid and organic synergy means using insights from both search channels to optimize your overall search strategy. If we strip it down to the nuts and bolts, the foundation of paid and organic synergy is really communication and team enablement. 

It can be easy for marketers to work in silos and focus only on keyword rankings or CPC ad performance. But what if SEOs used paid insights to help choose the most impactful keywords to target? Or SEMs used best practices from SEOs to optimize paid landing pages? You could maximize your paid spend and boost performance in both channels.

That’s (drum roll, please)… synergy!

Conductor Academy is here to help!

Paid and Organic Synergy in Conductor Academy breaks down everything you need to know about holistic search strategy in a simple, straightforward way, so that you can take your findings back to everyone at your next team meeting.

The course covers all of the FAQs around why and, more importantly, how these two digital marketing powerhouse teams should work together. 

Register for the course to learn:

  • What exactly paid search marketing is, and what it means to have paid and organic synergy in your marketing strategy
  • When and why to use paid vs. organic search
  • How to build out a new paid search campaign with organic insights from the jump
  • How to optimize existing paid initiatives with organic insights and organic initiatives with paid insights
  • How to bring your SEO and SEM teams together and get them speaking the same language (we promise it’s possible!)

It’s time to stop just nodding along to your team’s conversations around paid and organic synergy, and start leading the charge on building a holistic search strategy across your organization with Conductor Academy.

Lead your marketing team to higher ROI. Register for our Paid and Organic Synergy course in Conductor Academy!

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