More now than ever, the technology your team uses needs to be integrated, resilient and able to connect teams who may not see each other face-to-face.

Marketers are re-evaluating their marketing tech stacks to increase productivity and lower costs as the possibility that marketing budgets are being drawn down increases every day.

These ten apps and tools make it easy to market your business without a big team or a big budget.

Asana, for project management and coordinating your teams

Asana (which integrates with Conductor), is the industry standard for mapping out and tracking your projects. 

Tools to Add to Your Market Tech Stack

Create hundreds of tasks with a workflow for each and an easy way to keep tabs on each task as well as notifications for places where projects get stuck. You can attach files from Microsoft or Google and store all the key elements of a project where they are easily accessible to all team members. It’s the tool to manage remote team projects and keep all your stakeholders aligned. 

Ceros, for creating beautiful landing pages with looking at a line of code

The Ceros is a cloud-based design studio that makes it easy to collaborate on digital projects in real-time. The platform is good for graphic designers and marketers  to quickly create interactive graphics, eBooks, infographics, microsites, lookbooks, and more without needing to write a line of code.

In a time, when marketers have to be flexible and react quickly to market changes, Ceros enables teams to spin-up beautiful web content that works across all devices and browsers. Great features include the ability to live preview and publish with the click of a button, seamlessly distribute experiences across every digital channel and track performance analytics. 

Conductor, for tracking online visibility, market share, and customer voice

Conductor’s SEO and content marketing platform ensures when customers are searching online for your product or service that you show up. 

Tools to Add to Your Market Tech Stack

Conductor Searchlight gives you deep insight into the search intent of your customers and which of your competitors is already capitalizing on that intent. So before you spend another dollar on marketing, know where your customers are and what they want. 

That means every marketing dollar goes farther as you acquire the most valuable customers — the ones looking for your product.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, this is Conductor’s blog and Conductor Searchlight is our flagship product.

Yext, to help you answer customer questions in real-time on your site

Yext’s local listing platform lets brands monitor and manage  how their business appears across the web on site’s like Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Even more, one of Yext’s newest features, Answers, enables brands to better manage their site search. As coronavirus-related searches across sites spike, Yext Answers offers a solution to manage and present answers in a much more user-friendly way. 

Pendo, to get information to customers and drive behavior in your product via in-app messages

With powerful analytics, in-application user feedback, and contextual guidance designed to help companies measure and elevate the customer experience within their applications, Pendo helps improve user experience by creating feedback forms in your apps and easily share with your customers any new features and need-to-know updates. 

Tools to Add to Your Market Tech Stack

Educate your customers on how to interact with a new feature without them having to look up a third-party tutorial on Youtube.

Schema App, stand out in search with rich results

Schema Markup (aka structured data) is complicated,  but it is required to fully leverage the rich results features (stars, price, FAQs) that Google awards in search engine result pages. 

That’s why Schema App has developed an enterprise-grade solution for doing schema markup at scale that works with all websites, all content, without an IT Developer. Their technology matched with their world-class expertise can help your organization maximize the return from rich results, with the least amount of effort and delays.

Conductor Schema App

Talkwalker, for monitoring your social presence and the topics most important to you

In the best of times you want a social media tracking tool that is laser-focused on tracking and monitoring brand mentions and measuring sentiment from all social media sources in every language being used to talk about you.

Top 10 Tools to Add to Your Market Tech Stack Now

Talkwalker helps to get real-time updates and alerts during crisis management and helps to keep the stakeholders informed and generate reports accordingly. The app generates visualizations that are digestible data for non-data folks in automated reports that show up in your inbox, so everyone on your team is in the know. 

Trustpilot, for managing crucial reviews

Reviews can make or break a business, especially now that so much shopping has gone online. Trustpilot’s platform allows businesses to easily collect, manage, and display customer reviews. With Trustpilot you get powerful reporting and analytics, review invitations and reminders, onsite review widgets, Google Seller Ratings, rich snippet stars, and more.

These tools help businesses to improve conversions, stand out in SERPs, and boost sales.

Knak, to help you scale email 

Email use has grown exponentially as hundreds of companies reach out to inform their customers about changes driven by the current challenging environment.

Knak lets companies create beautiful and design-rich emails without having to hire a developer or coder. Their drag and drop email builder and thousands of pre-built templates allow users to stay on-brand, and Knak integrates with automation platforms for plug-and-play ease.

Another well-reviewed option to check out is Stensul.

Hello Bar, to boost your lead-gen and email capture

Hello Bar started as a website notification bar tool, but it has evolved into a simple solution that lets you choose multiple ways to get information to customers including modal popups, full-page takeovers, slide-ins, and more.

Tools to Add to Your Market Tech Stack

Adding Hello Bar to your existing website is easy and doesn’t require a programmer. Just enter your website URL and you will be guided about how to go about making display ads, announcement banners,and much more. 

BONUS: Team management app 15five

When your office happy hour is moved to Zoom, it’s more important than ever to make sure all your reports are feeling integral to the team’s success. 15five does exactly that.

15Five delivers everything a manager needs to maintain visibility and impact employee performance, including continuous feedback, Objectives (OKR) tracking, recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360 reviews using strategic weekly check-ins. Unlike weekly happy hours, you get a time series on the temperature of your workers to help you spot trends and head off any problems before they erupt into the general consciousness.

We use 15five company-wide at Conductor, and it’s been invaluable in the transition to remote work.

Hope we helped inspire your 2020 marketing tech stack. It’s not an easy task vetting what new technology to add in. To start the vetting process with Conductor, get in touch with our team. 

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