Bringing SEOs and copywriters together to create powerful content is not a novel concept, but the benefits of this harmony do not start and end with optimizing blog posts or web pages. The benefits of engaging key stakeholders from different disciplines early in the strategy and planning process create a proactive environment that encourages agility and creativity. It also ensures that your strategy is driven by customer sentiment and aligns with your overall organic digital marketing strategy.

Conductor has teamed up with the team at Ceros to compile a guide for the Art & Science of Content Collaboration

The comprehensive guide includes:

  • A Holistic Approach to Organic Content Strategy
  • How to integrate SEO & design into the content creation process
  • The Outline for a Seamless Content Creation Process
  • The Formula for Systematic Content Measurement

There are numerous advantages to aligning stakeholders at the beginning of your content ideation across SEO, content and design.

  • Increase team agility resulting in more efficient and effective execution
  • Optimize the reach and performance of content with SEO
  • Elevate creativity by promoting harmony between design and copy
  • Measure and report on your content performance with learned insights to support future projects

While you may not see SEO and design as a natural fit, they are two sides of the same coin in terms of visibility and performance. Both are integral to your mission to create organic content that helps your team achieve its digital marketing goals.

The Art & Science of Content Collaboration. Get the guide.

Before setting your content strategy for 2021, read this guide for insightful tips on using SEO to understand your target audience and their search habits, and next time you’re about to create a new piece of content, don’t forget to add your SEO and designer to the planning meeting to round out your team.

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