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Conductor Wins The TrustRadius 2021 Best Customer Support Award

  • Conductor News
  • By Joe Taylor
  • 4 minutes read

Here's why TrustRadius awarded Conductor as the winner of Best Customer Support 2021

At Conductor, we believe the best companies innovate their customer service just as much as their technology. We are humbled to learn that our efforts are being recognized by our customers.

Thanks to our customers' reviews, TrustRadius has awarded Conductor with their Best Customer Support 2021.

You’d be hard pressed to find a company that doesn’t claim to be “customer-obsessed.” To me, part of being customer-obsessed means that it is hard to accept an award for it, because we obsess only over the ways we can be better.

Evidence of Customer Obsession with Conductor

In that spirit, I thought I'd show some “evidence of customer obsession” at Conductor from the last 12 months:

  • The largest team of in-house SEO experts. Over the last two years, we have hired and trained up the largest team of in-house SEO experts in the industry. The world of SEO is full of ambiguity and gray area; our technology does a great job of demystifying this. We obsessed over the expertise of our Customer Success team to make sure customers maximize their investment in the technology, and have another expert to bounce ideas off of.
  • Real people responding really fast 24 hours per day. Live Chat can feel like table stakes, but the experience is often frustrating. Chatbots have their place and get smarter by the day, but at Conductor we opt to have live agents who are truly product experts. Over the course of 2020, we took Live Chat response times from 60 seconds to 32 14 seconds. Our Customer Obsession means we are wondering if we can get this under ten...then under five. Shoutout to Ben Pemstein who will be learning about the “under 5” goal when this post goes live.
  • Merging Customer Success with Technology. In 2020, we launched the Conductor Marketplace to help customers get more work done. For work that requires a human touch, expertise, or deeper understanding of your business context, we made it easy for customers to directly request that work in our enterprise SEO platform. There are a lot of interesting ways to blur the lines between Customer Success and technology, and we will continue to pursue these to make life better for our customers.
  • 2/3 of Our Customer Success Senior Leadership Team...used to be customers. I co-lead Customer Success with Pat Reinhart and Michael Bruh. Both of them were customers of Conductor before joining Conductor. In fact, seven years ago, I was the CSM on Pat’s account. This circumstance has happened quite a few times at Conductor. I think it’s important to mention because I think it’s pretty good evidence that you’re providing a good customer experience if customers frequently become colleagues.
  • Services to measure and progress “program maturity.” A lot of organizations don’t know if they have the right process and resources to be as successful as they hope to be; we refer to this as Organic Marketing Maturity. In late 2019, we launched our Organic Marketing Assessment and are continuing to refine and augment this tool for understanding what you need to achieve success. Some companies just need our technology, but others want a partner riding shotgun to help get to the next level; we are providing the ability to measure this and get better everyday.

Customer Success teams are the face of the business. At Conductor, we have been truly spoiled by the incredible quality, intelligence, and passion of the people on our team. We couldn’t be more proud of these teams and these people who make it happen everyday. Even in an undeniably tough year, this team never waivers in their quest to make customers successful and to provide the kind of experience they would want if they were on the other end of the phone.

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