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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Maximize Content Marketing Success

  • Product News
  • By Jenny Li
  • 5 minutes read

Improve your organic content marketing efforts with the latest features from Conductor, including AI-driven recommendations around content creation and optimization, better content performance insights, and more!

In the past, SEO and content teams simply made sure their web pages and collateral repeated specific keywords as much as possible. Algorithms have matured significantly over time, though, and companies are now judged (and ranked) based on the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of their content (fondly known in the marketing world as E-A-T). 

While you may find a promising topic opportunity in research, knowing exactly how to create content that stands out, and whether it actually drives performance, can often be a mystery. It’s more important than ever to have access to rich SEO insights around how content is currently performing, how it compares to competitors, and most importantly, how to improve and optimize performance moving forward.

That is why Conductor’s latest set of releases focus on one core goal: to empower Content Marketers and their teams with a simplified, more productive content workflow designed to drive organic ROI.

Know what to write and how to write it with AI-driven recommendations from Content Guidance

Conductor’s Content Guidance surfaces intelligent and data-driven content recommendations, so Organic Marketing teams can implement a clear playbook for success.

Using natural language processing technology, Content Guidance combs through your brand’s content, key competitors’ content, and content from all around the web to analyze and curate thousands of factors that make content successful. Search any topic, and even specify any of your owned page URLs, to get personalized, actionable recommendations that your entire team can apply to improve your rankings.

Conductor Content Guidance feature update

Content Guidance takes the guesswork out of the content creation process, even for marketers who are less familiar with SEO. It removes the manual, time-consuming work of piecing together different insights by automatically pulling from internal and external sources to deliver tailored recommendations, including:

  • Keyword recommendations: Get insight on how to write and optimize titles and meta descriptions, headings, and more, as well as higher-MSV topic opportunities that you may not have thought about before.
  • Content attribute recommendations: Score your content on aspects like length and readability based on what resonates most with your specific audience and topic.
  • Page health recommendations: Dig deep into technical factors that may be impacting search performance and identify which issues to resolve, including page speed, link health and usability.

Equally important to having recommendations on “what” to do is understanding the “why”—and how to prioritize. The best practices for ranking on the SERP are largely the same, but how much effort you put towards optimizing one area over another depends on what you want to rank for. For example, the word count you’d want to target for “car insurance” can be very different for what works well with audiences searching for “SEO platform.”

Content Guidance layers each recommendation with tailored insight into what top ranking competitors are doing and provides a high-level snapshot of where you stand within the competitive landscape around a specific topic. This enables you to benchmark success and focus efforts on where you have the greatest opportunity to increase visibility.

Conductor Content Guidance feature update shows tailored insights that lets you benchmark your success

Not only does Content Guidance get teams to clear, impactful recommendations in just a few clicks, it also enables a more seamless workflow from insight to action. In Conductor, go from researching keyword opportunities in Explorer to guidance on how to rank for those terms. As a next step, either add recommendations directly to content briefs through Actions or make real-time changes through Conductor Live.

Conductor's Explorer feature demonstrating how you research keyword opportunities and gain guidance to rank for them

All Conductor customers now have access to Content Guidance in beta, enabling their teams to maximize their content marketing success with just a few clicks. Learn more here.

Dig deeper into content optimization opportunities and performance

Best-in-class content creators know that “good content marketing” isn’t just about creating resources that are entertaining or engaging. Content needs to be relevant to consumers’ specific needs and personalized to their intent levels. To truly know whether your content hits all the right marks to rise to the top, you need complete, contextual data. Organic Marketing is a long-game, and measuring success involves paying attention to content consumption patterns and shifts in consumer needs.

With Conductor’s redesigned Content Performance report, marketers can dig deeper with greater clarity into what’s working to drive impact.

Conductor's Content Performance report lets marketers dig into organic performance of webpages

Now, with year-over-year and metric comparisons, teams can benchmark performance against the previous year to account for things like seasonal trends and easily see what changes have occurred across visits, bounces, revenue, etc. The updated functionality of the report also allows users to more easily filter and identify the page changes most likely to have impacted site performance. These enhancements reflect the philosophy that successful content marketing requires understanding the long-term value of your content investments and clearer insights to make incremental improvements.

But that’s not all! Organic Marketing teams should also optimize content for different formats and result types. Along with support for images, videos, answer boxes, tweets and more, Conductor now provides SEO insights for recipe result types—giving users even more ways to get found on the SERP.

Starting seeing greater return on your content marketing investments

There has never been a more exciting, or competitive, time to be in content marketing. It’s more important than ever for your team to create and serve content that resonates, stands out and gets your brand found across different content formats and platforms.

Harness the power of Content Guidance and Conductor’s evolving range of product features to take your content marketing success to the next level.

Want to see Conductor’s powerful content capabilities in action? Get a live demo from our experts today!

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