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CEO Seth Discusses the Future of Hybrid Work on CBS News

  • Conductor News
  • By Dani Weiss
  • 1 minutes read
Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik discusses future of hybrid work

With companies navigating how to best motivate employees to come back to the office, CBS News sat down with Conductor CEO and co-founder Seth Besmertnik to discuss the hybrid work model, Conductor's YOLO month program (two months of the year to work anywhere!), and how to keep employees engaged in a post-pandemic world.

There's a lot of different things that we've done to make it so we could meet the flexibility desires of our people while also creating the collaboration community that we're looking for.

Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-Founder, Conductor

So what's the best mix? For Conductor, it means three days in the office, two days working from anywhere (plus our two YOLO months, where Conductors are encouraged to work anywhere around the world).

By striking the right balance, Conductor is able to build a collaborative, yet flexible, environment in which employees thrive and can deliver the best work for our customers.

Is hybrid here to stay? Check out Seth's insights on the future of work.
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