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Conductor & ContentKing are Joining Forces: A Beautiful Story

Real-time website monitoring from ContentKing, now part of the #1 enterprise organic marketing platform from Conductor.

Since we started Conductor, our magic formula was to put people-first in order to then put customers-first. If we delivered for our customers, then we would be able to evolve marketing from the old world of selling stuff to a new world focused on helping people and solving their problems, all while helping our customers hit their goals and grow their careers.

Having the absolute best platform has been our path to achieving market leadership; not resting on our laurels will be how we sustain it. A company’s priorities are measured not by their words but by their investments. We already have the largest R&D team in our category. On the heels of raising $150M , our first major move is to acquire an incredible technology for our customers. The combination of Conductor & ContentKing is a massive step forward for enterprise marketers. Here’s why.

The technologies enterprises use are incredibly fragmented; it’s very common to find a marketing team using multiple tools—of which only a few people know how to use. And these tools do not talk to each other, resulting in marketers making decisions with only part of the information they need to do so. A prime example? You are improving a page and getting recommendations on how to make it more valuable for customers. Does the technology you are using also give you technical insights? Most likely, the answer is no. Or you are trying to understand why you lost traffic to a segment of the site. You can see your rankings going down, but can you see all the technical issues created in that time period? No.

Today, this changes—Conductor has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ContentKing. No longer will marketers have to make decisions with siloed insights. Conductor brings best-of-breed performance, visibility, and content insights. ContentKing has created the absolute best real-time site auditing and monitoring platform. Transforming our products into one will be the holy grail of what customers have been asking for—for years—which is what we are committed to delivering to them.

Why ContentKing?

Over the years, Conductor has looked at many acquisition opportunities. However, we’ve always declined. Why? Because we insist on having a stellar product that customers love. ContentKing was truly the first product we found that fit this bill. It was created by a passionate team who obsess over their customers. Their two founders, Steven and Vincent, lead the company with love and respect. They put their people first. They are transparent. They value all their stakeholders as equals. And as a group, they are obsessed with making their customers happy. In fact, over 50+ of their enterprise customers became customers organically just from using the platform and loving it; brands like Netflix, FedEx, and the New York Times signed up with zero sales involvement.

When I first saw their product, I knew it was something digital marketers absolutely needed, and we dreamed of what would be possible if we combined forces. Today, that dream comes to life.

Their product is smart. It knows and tells you which pages are important on your site. It then monitors your most important pages for you (in real-time) based on this intelligence. As your site drives more and more revenue, you can’t risk site issues. As you scale, each issue costs more and more. Our own customers have had an issue on their site only to find out weeks later after losing revenue. This cycle is common across enterprise websites. If these businesses had been using ContentKing, they would have uncovered the issue in under an hour, and the triage process would start—reducing and negating any revenue loss.

Making your site great is an ongoing process. First, you have to find all the problems and chip away at fixing them (which is no easy feat). ContentKing identifies issues—based on your own governance model—and tees up which ones need to get addressed. But once you improve a site, it doesn’t just stay that way—quite the opposite. There is no shortage of people touching your website constantly—from developers to marketers, product managers, and more. Changes are always being made; either new issues arise, or the site drifts from being “good for SEO” to bad for customers. What’s shocking is close to half of SEO incidents on large websites take four weeks to resolve. Four weeks is an eternity, not to mention insanely expensive. Imagine having a cybersecurity risk or a critical application bug for four weeks unfixed—how is your site any different?

With ContentKing constantly running, we turn these problems into opportunities—and that is a beautiful thing.

Making this happen was no easy feat. Combining two private companies in different parts of the world is serious work. But when something is meant to be, it’s meant to be. Our teams shared the vision for a better future, and we broke down all the boundaries to make this happen. We are so honored to welcome the entire ContentKing team to Conductor. The future of enterprise organic marketing is being written, and we’re committed to raising the bar for the entire industry while helping SEO leaders become digital pioneers in their companies.

Welcome ContentKing; welcome to the future of organic marketing.

Let’s go!!!

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