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Never Give Up: The Conductor Story

10 incredible years led to this moment: WeWork has acquired Conductor. Together, we will bring a human-focus to the trillion dollar marketing industry.

The last decade has been training for what we’re going to do next. We believe WeWork is changing the world, and we are all-in and committed to being a part of it. This is not an exit, it’s an entrance.

For all the entrepreneurs out there: This is for you.

I cannot tell you how many times I thought it was the end of the road for Conductor. How many times I was just waiting for a knock-out punch to put an end to it all. I would read Ben Horowitz’s "The Struggle" and say to myself: this is me... this is how how I feel.

But quitting was never an option. We made a commitment to our employees, investors, and customers and our life's purpose was to deliver on that. So we took each challenge and struggle and found a way to use it to make us stronger. Failure after failure, we grew and we grew. Mistake after mistake, we kept learning.

If I could give someone else advice, it would be this: it can seem like there is no light on the horizon—but there is. Believe that with certainty. Always focus on your customers and delivering value. Don't confuse revenue with customer value - they are not the same. Play the long game. Invest in your employees and grow them. Make good on your promises. Embrace failure and learn from it. Trust your gut, trust yourself, and trust your team. Always remember your challenges are there for a reason...they help you grow and become a better version of yourself. Know that growing is a never-ending process. Don't judge yourself, take action.

You will see, nothing feels better than helping and doing good for others. So, round up that stock for your team. Extend those options. Pay that extra severance. Whatever it is... be generous. Always do the right thing by your people; you will never regret it.

Last night I called every single shareholder from the entire Conductor journey.

Former employees, investors, advisors... I called everyone I could. I told them the news and I congratulated them. I thanked them for their contribution to this incredible outcome. Many of them cried; they couldn't speak. I did this with my wife and kids on speaker, so we could all share the great feeling of giving. It was the greatest day of my professional life. Giving is receiving.

This is a massive win for our industry. And it's massive win for entrepreneurs doing the right thing... it’s a long journey, and goodness will be rewarded.

I am so excited to join WeWork. They are building a radical company where crazy entrepreneurs like myself can thrive and pursue world-changing opportunities together. WeWork's strategy is brilliant, and Conductor’s customers will massively benefit.

You never know who will make a difference in your life.

One last thing: WeWork’s co-founder & CEO, Adam Neumann, was a peripheral friend of mine in Baruch College. While our friends went to campus-based schools, we started companies and went to city college night school. We both dropped out to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams (and later went back to finish). Adam and I lost touch, but we always remembered each other.

We reconnected a few years ago, and we realized we shared a passion to make a difference in the world. WeWork ended up becoming a customer, and now it has led to a brand new phase of this great collaboration. You never really know who in your life will be that person who changes everything.

Think of every action you take as planting a seed for the future. The long game of life has a magical way of rewarding you.

Today is the beginning of something amazing. Thank you to WeWork, our investors and our amazing employees for believing in Conductor and its potential to bring real change to the marketing industry. We're just getting started.

Here's the Conductor team right after I told them—a small glimpse of what happens when you do the right thing and change lives:

One love!

Seth Besmertnik saying never give up
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