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Conductor Joins WeWork to Humanize Marketing

We're thrilled to announce Conductor is joining forces with WeWork, to help businesses transform their marketing and workplaces. Here are the reasons why.

Today, we announced Conductor is being acquired by WeWork .

Conductor joining WeWork is a validation of everything we’ve all been working towards—showing businesses how to use their power to help customers solve problems, make decisions, and find solutions.

It marks the incredible importance organic marketing now has as an industry. And I truly believe that we are an industry of revolutionaries: we make marketing a force for improving people’s lives.

How we got here

It started as an uphill battle. When we became Conductor in 2008, nothing came easily. Our product was nearly impossible to build. Our early users struggled to get internal buy-in and resources. Most businesses were just not ready for us.

Over the last few years, everything started to change. We have had massive breakthroughs with our strategy and product. We’ve opened our doors to incredible partners. We learned how to combine technology and services to make businesses enormously successful. Our platform became a core part of our customers’ marketing stack.

As I write this today, we have a customer NPS of 50+, our 200+ employees are fully energized, and our revenue is accelerating.

Why merge with WeWork right now?

There is no other company we would want to join forces with more than WeWork.

At first glance it may seem like our businesses are very different. However, at the core, our missions are deeply aligned.

WeWork’s mission is to create a world where people want to make a life, not just a living. They provide holistic services and support to make their members successful. And creating a visible, valuable digital presence is one of the most important elements of success today. That’s where Conductor comes in.

Together, Conductor and WeWork share a vision to bring a human-driven focus to the trillion dollar marketing category. We want to inspire and contribute to the cultural revolution happening across modern companies and put people -- our coworkers, our customers, our communities -- first.

And where WeWork provides businesses with the right physical presence, Conductor will enable companies to have the right digital presence.

Combining forces with WeWork is a win for everyone in our ecosystem. We will have greater access to resources (talent, capital, and relationships). We will build even better technology and services for enterprise marketers.

We will accelerate our product roadmap and goals. Our teams couldn’t be more committed and excited. This is not an exit -- it's an entrance.

The future starts now

Our desire to make a difference is greater than ever. We aspire to be the world’s greatest modern marketing platform. We plan to launch educational marketing programs around the world. We are going to scale faster. We will help enterprise brands deliver incredible value to their customers.

I want to thank so many people for helping make this possible: the incredible support of our customers, the amazing people at Conductor (and alumni), and our visionary investors who never wavered in their belief in us. And we want to thank you, our community, for making organic marketing what it is today.

This is a win for everyone. We hope this catches the attention of business leaders around the world, and accelerates their change from business-first to customer-first marketing.

Every moment at Conductor has just been getting us ready for what’s about to happen - and we’re all-in and committed. Everyone at Conductor is staying on board and we’re signed up for the long haul.

Today is day one.

Let's do this!

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