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Open Letter to Conductor Customers on our $20 Million Series C

To Our Incredibly Loyal & Supportive Customers:

Last week, during the madness of Hurricane Sandy, we publicly announced to the world that Conductor has secured a 20mm investment from the global venture firm Investors Growth Capital, the single largest investment in the SEO space—and a major milestone for our entire industry.

Since we founded Conductor we have been on amazing journey with you - and we are just getting started. Looking back to when we started building Conductor's SEO Platform in 2008, I remember sending reports to Fortune 500 CMOs trying to convince them that SEO was real and a place where they should be investing.

seth sending value of seo reports to fortune 500 companies

Nearly 4 years later, we have seen incredible growth in our industry. There are 500,000+ people in the US who have "SEO" in their job title or description, up 100% from a year ago.

500,000+ people in the US now have “SEO” in their job title or description, up 100% from a year ago

Moreover, there are 1,800+ open SEO jobs in the US – with no signs of slowing down. We’ve been thrilled to see our clients grow their SEO teams, and watch as natural search demands a larger part of their companies’ strategic imperatives.

We started this company with a vision around the power of natural search. We were so passionate about this that we painted it on the walls of our office, made this video to spread the word, and truly believe that SEO continues to be the core of the “inbound marketing” department for great companies, and we agree with Forbes' assessment that Conductor “could be a company to watch closely.”

Conductor is a company driven by beliefs

You, our customers, have the opportunity to lead this movement, and we are ecstatic to help you along the way. We raised this 20 million dollars to take our company global, to hire more engineers and increase speed of innovation against our roadmap—and take Conductor from a product to a solution—for you.

More than ever before, there is an opportunity to make an impact. We aim to be your partner in the journey, and assist you in navigating the exciting times ahead.

On behalf of everyone at Conductor, we want to thank you for your incredible support to our business, and dedication to our common mission. It is our responsibility to reciprocate your support, by investing smarter, faster and more aggressively into our company, and we are committed to fulfilling that responsibility.

Most humbly yours,


CEO, Conductor

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