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What our $27M in Funding Means for Conductor and You

Today we are announcing that Conductor closed $27 million Series D round of financing.

The round was led by an incredible software investment firm based in NYC, Catalyst Investors. It included the full participation of our fantastic, existing investors, FirstMark Capital, Matrix Partners and Investor Growth Capital. We were fortunate to have Blue Cloud Ventures, a new investor, join the round as well.

This financing represents tremendous validation for the space, our customers’ success, and Conductor’s market leadership.

Why Are We Raising More Capital?

Simply put, we’re raising this capital to make the Web Presence Management vision a reality.

Web Presence Management (WPM) is about influencing your customers through unpaid channels, like organic search and YouTube.

Why do we need WPM? Consumer behavior has changed drastically in the last ten years. Consumers control what they see and interact with online. It’s a digital, mobile world, and our customers demand we market in a way that makes their lives better.

Within our companies, WPM helps us break down the silos of SEO, social and content marketing into a single, metrics-based form of inbound marketing that kicks butt.

This round of financing will make it possible for us to triple-down on our innovation. With these new resources, we’ll build a complete technology stack that gives companies control over their web presences.

Our Vision for a Unique SaaS Company

When we started Conductor, the goal was to get everyone involved to a much better place than they started—from our customers to each Conductor.

Our vision was to create a company that:

  1. Empowers great marketers with the best products and services to manage and grow their web presence in ‘unpaid’ marketing challenges.
  2. Commits to our customers’ success and career growth through a combined product, service and thought leadership experience.
  3. Builds a legendary culture and environment that helps rewrite the book on how startups are built and run in the 21st century. Our culture will stand for achieving the unachievable, doing good and the willingness to take chances.

While we have much to do to make this vision a reality, we are making tremendous progress from where we were only four and half years ago when we launched Conductor's SEO Platform.

It humbles me to know we have some of the best companies in the world working with us and relying on our technology. I’ve witnessed first hand how many of our users have grown their careers ,and taken on leadership roles, making major contributions to our digital marketing community. And Conductor has been recognized as the #1 Tech Company to work for in NYC 5 years in a row.

We are more motivated than ever to build on this success.

A Deep and Humble Thank You

There are so many people that have chipped into, stepped up and made sacrifices that we owe a huge thank you to. Thank you to our unwavering investors who have supported the company in good & bad times. Thank you to Tyler and the team at Catalyst for believing in us. Thank you to our partners that work with us to improve our customer’s experience. Thank you to each and every Conductor who dedicates their life to our mission and comes back for more, every day.

Most importantly, thank you to our tremendous customers. You guys are amazing. Our customers support us, give us feedback and are incredibly loyal. We will use this financing to do everything we can to make your experience with Conductor incredible. This is our mission.

Looking forward to a great 2015 and beyond.

To learn more about the financing round, we’re happy to share these additional resources:

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