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Conductor is in #1 Growing Enterprise SEO Technology Market According to SEOMOZ Survey

SEO as an online marketing discipline is alive and well. Actually, it’s more than alive and well, with demand for SEO growing within the last year.

I recently had an opportunity to take a closer look at SEOMoz’s newly published 2010 SEO industry survey . Rand and his crew did their usual great job gathering and presenting key industry data. This year they comprehensively surveyed over 10,000 marketers on a wide variety of topics ranging from how the SEO practitioner got their start in the industry, to their use of the no-follow tag.

To our delight, this year they also asked marketers about their adoption of SEO Technologies and the name Conductor came up as the most adopted enterprise SEO Platform—more details below.

Of all Online Marketing Tactics, Demand for SEO Services is Increasing at Greatest Rate

In reviewing the results, the first thing that stood out was that SEO as an online marketing discipline is alive and well. Actually, it’s more than alive and well. Among agencies and consultants who offer multiple online marketing services, demand for SEO has grown or stayed the same at a rate greater than any other tactic surveyed about, this despite the considerable hype around social within the last year.

Chart showing the demand for various digital marketing services where demand for SEO grew the most

Conductor in the SEOMoz Landscape

To provide some context for how Conductor customers fit into the SEOMoz survey landscape, most of the survey respondents are small businesses managing less than 100 keywords and only 3.5% are managing more than 3,000 SEO keywords.

By comparison, the typical Conductor platform customer starts with a deployment north of 3,000 keywords and many have been able to scale to 10,000+ keywords and have billions of SEO dollars under management.

It’s also interesting to see SEOMoz continue a practice we’ve seen take hold in other corners of the industry: referring to SEO keywords as ‘keywords managed’, a term traditionally reserved for paid keywords. We attribute this shift, at least in part, to the introduction of scalable SEO Platforms like Conductor's that are creating a new paradigm for optimizing large sets of keywords for SEO. We're seeing many of our 'enterprise scale' customers easily discovering four and five figure keyword portfolios of meaningful, high revenue opportunity terms.

Enterprise SEO Technology Adoption

With that context, let’s jump into the data about SEO technology adoption. The survey showed 4 out of 10 SEO professionals believe there to be significant enough value in a non-free SEO tool to pay for it:

SEO professional tool adoption showing that 60% of professionals have paid for SEO tools

Of those paying for an SEO tool, 4% invest in an enterprise level SEO tool, a non-trivial adoption rate considering we are in early days of the enterprise SEO platform industry and the SEOMoz respondents skew to small business/independent SEOs.

Amongst enterprise SEO tool adopters, I was excited to see that Conductor is in fact the most widely used SEO platform with the largest market share of 44% and with significantly more users then any of our few competitors.

It was interesting for us to see that the number of respondents who reported using Conductor (92) is very close to the number of brands actually using Conductor, which is up substantially since we announced our 50th customer and since our selection as Internet Retailer Magazine’s exclusive provider of SEO Scoring data. Rand and co. really are that good!

2011 to be the Year of the Enterprise SEO Technology Platform

As we move into the end of 2010 and head deeper into the holidays and the beginning of the new year, we remain as excited as ever at Conductor as the SEO industry continues to mature and evolve right before our very eyes. The number of prominent brands across numerous and diverse industries interested in growing their natural search visibility using enterprise class technology continues to skyrocket and we couldn’t be happier to have an opportunity to help them achieve their goals.

Thanks to our fantastic customers for helping us become the number one enterprise SEO technology platform and to Rand & the Moz crew for putting this elegant information together for everyone in the industry.


The 2010 SEO Industry Survey content was re-published in whole or in part with permission. SEOmoz is not affiliated with this site.

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