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Conductor’s Unwavering Support for Ukraine

Starting today, in opposition to the war, Conductor will stop collecting and reporting on keyword data and rank tracking for Yandex, Google Belarus, and Google Russia for all customers.

Like most of the world, our hearts have been heavy these past weeks seeing the destruction and suffering Russian troops have inflicted on Ukraine. With many of our beloved R&D team located primarily in Kyiv, the violence hits home even harder.

We take solace in knowing that our team is as safe as they can be. In the month before this invasion, we worked to relocate our team members and their families out of the country. Today, more than half of our Ukraine-based Conductors have been safely relocated. We check-in daily with each team member who remained and have offered all of our available resources to support them and their families.

Conductor is Ukraine

Conductor would be nowhere close to where we are today without our amazing Ukraine team. What started as a small talented group in Kyiv eight years ago has flourished into a team of more than 50 who contributes across all things product at Conductor. Their impact on our platform and our company has been immeasurable. Many of our strongest innovations and best features have come from our Kyiv Conductors, and we would not be the same company without their loyalty, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

Beyond our steady support for our Ukrainian team, Conductors have banded together to fundraise for broader relief. In the last few days, Conductors have donated over $79K to causes supporting Ukrainians, including The National Bank of Ukraine to Support Armed Forces, Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, UNICEF, The International Committee of the Red Cross, and Project C.U.R.E. Each donation has been 100% matched by Conductor—bringing our combined efforts to $158K.

Using our platform to do what’s right

From our Ethics Committee to our radical transparency dialogue, Conductor has always been a place where we stand firm in our belief to do what’s right. In a time when we feel helpless, taking action empowers us to know we’re doing everything we can to be a force for good.

Starting today—in opposition to the war—we will stop collecting and reporting on keyword data and rank tracking for Yandex, Google Belarus, and Google Russia for all customers. Supporting Yandex rank tracking is supporting business growth and economic investment in the Russian market. As the largest tech company in Russia, Yandex plays an influential role in Russian lives via news, media, apps, etc. In recent years, Yandex has been restructured to give the Kremlin stronger influence, access, and control.

Halting our coverage of Russia is the closest thing Conductor can do to imposing our own small sanctions. We’ve been proud to see that others in the tech industry—including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat—have taken similar actions to build pressure with the absence of tech.

Hope on the horizon

Since the start of Conductor, our priority has always been on our people—improving their lives, helping them grow, giving them opportunities. Now is no different. Whatever our team needs, we will be there.

Looking ahead, we are hopeful that this war and suffering ends soon and Ukrainian families can lead peaceful lives. Until then, we send our most heartfelt support to the brave citizens of Ukraine and echo the determined words of their leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy: “Light will win over darkness.”

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