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How to Measure Your Content Marketing Success with Content Activity Reporting

  • Conductor News
  • By Luke Conley
  • 2 minutes read

Reporting on content analytics and your content wins has never been easier. Content Activity Reporting helps you measure, track and report on the success of your content marketing actions.

Content marketing is demanding work. With the constant push to create, tweak, optimize and update content, it can sometimes seem impossible to track the impact of our efforts, even with content analytics.

Not only are the minute details of optimization often lost in the shuffle, but it can be close to impossible to tell what our new or updated content actually does to the bottom line. Or at least, it used to be.

If you’re looking to a way to get the content analytics you need to measure the business impact of your content creation and optimization, Conductor’s Content Activity Reporting might be the feature of your dreams.

Content Activity Reporting is a robust system of record that automatically tracks all your new and updated content, whether it’s a brand new blog post or a tiny tweak to an H6 tag. Content Activity Reporting then measures its direct impact on the business and reports all the details back to you.

Graph showing organic analytics performance over time and custom annotations showing what changed and when

Content Activity Reporting can give you a total view of an entire domain or segment or drill down to the single-page level. For granular insights, you’ll get a complete breakdown of changes to all a page’s features, including H tags 1-6, canonical tags, meta descriptions, or any other element that might impact ranking. You’ll have a historical record of a page’s complete lifecycle—a series of snapshots defining your page’s organic performance over time.

What’s more, you can create content segments to track specification optimizations. That way, SEO experimentation is effortlessly and meticulously tracked, so your results are easily mapped to your actions with rigorous documentation. Whether you’re managing a large content footprint or trying to get the most out of smaller content offerings, Content Activity Reporting is your roadmap for success.

And just as Content Activity Reporting provides working updates on your content efforts, it logs your data over time for precise historical insight. If you manage a large team, with lots of people touching content, this can prove invaluable—an accidental title tag change made by one team member can be detected and fixed by anyone else.

content analytics page showing the specific webpage changes that happened including an H1 tag changing

The bottom line? For a deep understanding of your content’s impact on business goals, there’s no better tool than Content Activity Reporting.

Learn more about Content Activity Reporting and how it can transform the way you measure the success of your actions.

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