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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Increase the Efficiency of Your SEO Workflows

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 3 minutes read

Improve your SEO workflow with new features in Conductor’s latest releases.

The Organic Marketing workflow is a cycle. As marketers, we identify insights, make content and optimizations, and measure the impact. Then we repeat. The faster we cycle, the more impact we generate - resulting in better content, more optimizations, better reporting, and higher ROI. The formula is simple, but getting it right takes practice and precision.

Even the best processes get tested during the busy holiday season as deliverables are needed faster. With the increase in holiday shoppers comes the challenge of greater competition, higher expectations, and a race against the clock to December 25th. Nearly 25% of all annual retail sales happen between November and December. To put it lightly, the stakes are high. The faster and more agile your content and SEO workflows are, the more customers you reach.

Conductor is here to help you move fast and win customers this holiday season. This December, we're releasing new ways to accelerate your SEO workflows and improve reporting. Read on to learn more about the impactful updates coming to our platform.

Accelerated SEO Workflows

With time running out this holiday season, now is the time to ensure you're checking off all the SEO boxes, including optimized content, more insights, and advanced reporting.

You may already be familiar with Conductor's best-in-class feature Content Guidance, but for anyone who isn't, welcome to the future of your SEO and content marketing workflow. Content Guidance provides marketers with on-demand access to AI-driven recommendations focused on helping you produce winning content at scale. Users can input a topic or page—or both—and see a curated list of recommendations for creating and optimizing content—from metadata tweaks, to overall page health insights, body copy suggestions, schema markup, and more.

Get over the speed bumps that slow down Organic Marketing and cost you crucial rankings. Our latest innovation seamlessly connects measuring your content's performance, discovering insights in Content Guidance, and taking action all in one platform. As you review your keyword rankings and content measurement reports, instantly access on-demand recommendations in one-click, as you identify insights about your content’s visibility. Start with identifying high-potential keywords and page URLs, then transition seamlessly to writing winning content thanks to AI-driven content recommendations—all without missing a beat.

Conductor's Keywords Report that lets you open up Content Guidance and other options for each keyword

Advanced Year-Over-Year Performance Reporting

Before you take action, take a moment to understand the full scope of your content's ROI with Conductor's Content Performance. Our industry-leading content analytics feature, Content Performance, helps you track the performance of your content and see the real-time impact your optimization efforts have on your overall organic visibility.

Analyzing the performance of your content is crucial to benchmark where you rank now and how this could inform your strategy moving forward. With enhancements to reporting features in Conductor, Year-Over-Year reporting has never been easier. Drill into seasonality with instantly updated metrics across visual reports for a faster, better way to benchmark your organic performance this year and the next.

Unlock New Ways to Improve Your SEO Workflow

Take advantage of the season with more intelligent workflows and enhanced seasonal reporting. Higher search rankings are waiting.

Want to see what Conductor can do for your Organic Marketing strategy? Reach out for a live demo from our experts today.

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