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Conductor Launches Foundational Features for Web Presence Management

Conductor launches brand new features for web presence management—the holistic treatment of all of your web properties using SEO technology.

We had the incredible honor of hosting over 1,000 marketers at C3 in NYC the past two days. As part of our opening keynote, we laid the foundation for the rise of ‘unpaid’ marketing and announced three incredible new technologies for our customers.

These new capabilities are built on top of a brand new architecture that has been deep in development for over 18 months. This architecture lays the foundation to make Searchlight more global, local, and mobile – and super fast. Searchlight 3.0 is also built to handle many content types across a variety of channels including video, images and interactive content. As part of this roll out, the C3 Release includes these three major breakthroughs:

  • Content Mapping
  • Search Experience Tracking
  • Channel Insight for YouTube

For those of you not able to make the event, we wanted to catch you up on all the details of this release. To make that easy, we put together three exciting videos.

If you want to get a deeper look with your data, we’d love to share more: contact our team.

Content Mapping

At Conductor, we build our features by listening to the leaders and innovators among our customer base. There is a strong consensus: understanding your customer personas and how they advance through a buyer’s journey is the key to a successful content strategy.

That’s exactly why we’ve built the first ever Content Mapping technology—it’s a new way to segment your content’s performance by persona, buyer’s journey, and product line—to identify content gaps and understand the ROI of content.

Search Experience Tracking

We have redesigned core interfaces from the ground up to include data from local, mobile, and universal search; this way marketers are far better equipped to know they are getting their content and message in front of their target audience.

Search Experience Tracking unlocks that new insight in a simple, insightful way; you can toggle 400+ global locations across three device types: desktop, tablet, and mobile, and you can track 8+ different types of content from local carousels to your rank in image packs.

Channel Insights for YouTube

A critical step in going from SEO to Web Presence Management is the ability to understand and improve your visibility across a variety of organic channels. One of those channels, YouTube, is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

We are thrilled to announce Channel Insights for YouTube; for the first time, marketers can understand HOW their videos are being found on YouTube. This capability will provide you with critical video performance data to help get your content in front of customers in a vital channel along their buyer’s journey.

Consumer First Marketing—Get Found on Their Terms (vs Yours)

Earlier this year, we shared a new category with the industry: Web Presence Management. It’s the next level in modern marketing—where the consumer is in control. We are laser focused on helping our customers make the Web Presence Management vision their reality, with thought leadership, partnerships and cutting edge technology that is easy to use.

We hope you enjoy what we have built, and it’s only the beginning of another great year of innovation. Reach out and get a guided tour with one of our specialists.

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