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Conductor’s New Website Migration Services

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  • By Ellie von Reyn
  • 2 minutes read

We're excited to introduce Migration Solutions by Conductor, where brands can partner with migration experts and be backed by industry leading SEO technology.

At Conductor, we’re lucky to get to work with incredible marketers on many of their most important projects and through many of their biggest challenges. One of those challenges we’ve partnered with hundreds of customers on are website migrations.

Migrations are certainly a high-pressure time if you’re an SEO, and often deemed scary - as with improper planning and execution, there’s a risk of losing traffic and revenue. However, with the right strategy and planning, following a comprehensive website migration checklist, seamless execution and ongoing performance measurement, it’s entirely possible to NOT lose traffic or revenue, but to see growth after launching a revamped site.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new offering: Migration Solutions by Conductor. Based on our years of experience with our incredible customers, this solution will deliver results to any type of digital transformation. With Migration Solutions by Conductor, you’ll protect your organic traffic, mitigate lost conversions and revenue, and feel confident throughout your website migration with our technical experts.

What Makes Conductor’s Migration Solutions Different?

With this flexible and complete whiteglove solution, brands will partner with our migration experts and be backed by industry leading SEO technology.

Expert Team

Conductor’s Migration Solutions team is dedicated to helping customers succeed through their migration projects. With pre-migration planning sessions, SEO deliverables, and real-time monitoring, we ensure you’re following website migration best practices, and setting your new site up for success. The Conductor team has over 30 years of SEO experience and hundreds of website migrations of all shapes and sizes under their belt.

By working with the Conductor team through all of the nuanced, specific technical and content related requirements around the migration, we didn't come anywhere close to the worst case scenario. In fact, it sure seems to me like we were kind of playing in the best case scenario standpoint.

Andy Lightman, Director of eCommerce, Fully (opens in a new tab)
Conductor Customer Success Team Group Profile Pictures

We've been at this for years, and we take pride in the work that we do. Migrations are risky at the best of times, and our goal is to protect the work our clients have spent long hours on, guiding them through the migration process so they don't have to tackle it alone. Nothing makes us happier than seeing them through to the other side with their traffic intact, and a healthier site that is positioned for continued growth.

Cody Gault, Migration Services Lead, Conductor

Award Winning Technology

Conductor has been building SEO and content marketing technology for over a decade. Our industry leading SEO Platform technology will play an integral role in our process to ensure you know how your site is performing before, during, and after a migration.

Having the right technology in place is key to understanding your site migration. Instead of looking through countless tools trying to determine how things went, you want one source of truth that shows you what's most important. We bring everything together under one roof, rather than you having to piece together different sources. We've covered that aspect for you.

Steve Macchia, Manager, Migrations & Technical SEO, Conductor
Conductor Platform Migration Hub

A Solution for every team, and every migration type

Regardless of your digital transformation goals or the size of your team, our comprehensive solutions are fully scalable to meet the needs of your business. We handle all types of migrations, including:

Conductor website migration services include supporting site location, platform, content, structural, and design & UX changes and more

Our dedicated Migration team is laser focused on your project. Instead of operating on an hourly model, we provide flexibility in guiding a successful solution, no matter the timeline.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to our team.

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