Website Migration & Website Redesign Best Practices

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A website redesign or migration scares even the most seasoned SEO. Because when a bad migration goes wrong, it can go really wrong.

This resource kit is a collection of best practices for any website migration or redesign to go without a hitch. It includes a webinar, case study, and checklist that walk you through the steps and considerations of site migrations that includes protection for what’s most important: SEO aka ensuring search engines will still be able to find, crawl, and rank your new site.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and migrate down the list.

Check, Check, Check

Keep yourself in check! This list of website migration best practices takes you through the entire website migration process. From pre- to post-migration. Like, getting your 301s and 404s in order. Protecting your assets. Having a sitemap strategy. Don’t lose out on any traffic or rankings: cover your bases with these basics.

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Prevention Methods

We see it all the time: an underprepared site takes a serious hit after a website migration. This post breaks down the most common reasons for a botched website migration. Good news: this can all be prevented. More good news: this post will tell you how.

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Let's Get Technical

You’ve got the basics down, but now it’s time to get technical.

This webinar offers expert technical and strategic advice on what to consider before a website redesign or website migration.

Listen to industry influencers -- Wil Reynolds, Annie Cushing, and Brian McDowell -- discuss their favorite tips, tools and platforms that will provide smoothest transition.


A relaunch is all about fear. SEOs and people in marketing — we all know there’s going to be a certain amount of turmoil here. We’re here to help mitigate and minimize any of the things we’ve seen wrong, time and time again, in our years of relaunching hundreds and hundreds of websites.

Wil Reynolds, Seer Interactive

Industry Experts:

  • Wil Reynolds
  • Annie Cushing
  • Brian McDowell

Learn from Examples

Vans Increases Traffic 18% after Successful Site Migration

When Vans, the iconic shoe brand, decided to redesign their site, the unthinkable happened: their traffic IMPROVED. See how Conductor and Vans are sole-mates.


Recovering from a Disastrous Website Migration

Read this success story on how WWRD, leading luxury home and lifestyle e-commerce site, recovered from a disastrous website migration and grew its revenue 122%.


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