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Conductor’s 2023 Wrapped: The Top 10 Releases of the Year

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  • By Will Potts
  • 6 minutes read

Check out the highlights from Conductor’s action-packed 2023 and learn how to make the most of these updates.

2023 turned out to be a wild ride for the SEO industry. The year kicked off with the final rollout of Google’s helpful content and link spam updates—both of which had a major impact on website performance. Then we had a few regular updates for Google’s algorithm, marketers had to leave Universal Analytics behind and switch to GA4, and the world was introduced to generative AI on a globally accessible scale through ChatGPT. Oh, and did we mention when search fundamentally changed with Google’s Bard and Search Generative Experience?

Yet, despite these disruptions, 93% of marketers reported that SEO positively impacted website performance and marketing goals in 2023, according to our State of SEO Report. Because every marketer knows the best way to drive growth is by adapting to change, not fighting it.

Conductor adapted too. In the past 12 months, we delivered over 29 new features and enhancements to ensure our customers could act fast and proactively tackle a fresh set of search challenges. As we start the new year, and before we dust off our exercise gear, we’re looking back at the highlights and counting down Conductor’s top 10 feature releases of 2023.

#10: Fast-tracked onboarding to drive impact from day 1

Conductor’s Account Setup Tracker introduced platform intelligence to simplify onboarding and help conserve bandwidth for your biggest SEO priorities. An intuitive, step-by-step guided experience provides a clear roadmap to account setup success, including:

  • How to add domains, keywords, and competitors
  • How to integrate analytics
  • How to invite and share insights with teammates
Conductor’s Insight Stream report, with an Account Setup pane overlaying the report on the right. There is a list of steps to complete and a progress bar indicator at the top showing completion percentage.

The helpful progress bar indicator shows which steps you’ve completed and which ones to tackle next, so you can spend less time getting up to speed and more time getting results.

#9: Revved-up our content engine for more powerful workflows

Content Guidance, our most-loved feature, took content intelligence to a new level in 2023. Users maximized the value of every page with:

  • Proactive cannibalization detection in every stage of content workflows for more informed content creation and optimization efforts
  • A smarter way to research by accessing page-level insights—without entering a target topic—on everything from keywords to target, page health issues, and more

Leveraging these enhancements is the best way to boost your success on SERPs and conserve bandwidth for priority projects.

#8: Simple and secure Conductor login processes

The recently introduced Google sign in option streamlined the user authentication experience while ensuring data remains protected behind the industry’s highest security standards. (Plus, it made accessing the platform faster than ever.)

We know compliance is key when it comes to security, which is why we also enabled flexible two-factor authentication (2FA). Set it up and use your preferred authenticator app method for an extra layer of security, and stay compliant with evolving industry regulations.

#7: Safeguarded your data with best-in-class security enhancements and certifications

We don’t think your data can ever be too secure, so Conductor and ContentKing took it one step further by achieving SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 Certifications in 2023.

A table compares Conductor's security scores to competitors across a variety of security factors, including Network Security, DNS Health, and Application Security.

Our customers can rest easy knowing Conductor not only leads the enterprise SEO market in network and application security, but also continues to pursue the most rigorous security measures possible.

#6: ContentKing’s best-in-class monitoring got even better

Conductor launched new ways to make the most of ContentKing’s real-time monitoring and activate insights across teams with two significant updates:

  • Multi-account access introduced a new streamlined experience for managing data and driving strategy across accounts.
  • ContentKing’s Academy was merged into the new Conductor Academy, centralizing all the SEO resources, guides, and training your team needs to remain competitive.

Easily stay on top of every change, across your clients or brands, then prepare every team member to support your strategy.

#5: Intelligence upgrades delivered personalized, contextualized platform experiences

2023 was the year of leveling up Conductor’s intelligence. There was a whole array of enhancements deployed platform-wide, but here’s a quick mention of some standouts:

  • Quick Start Tasks served up contextualized onboarding paths with a helpful list of core tasks to take action on and detailed platform guidance through every step.
  • Preserved Filters delivered the right insights in fewer clicks, as Conductor remembers your top-level filter selections between sessions and screens so you can pick up wherever you left off.
Conductor’s home screen with a popup of a task panel. The panel includes options to research competitors, build a report, and other workflows.

#4: Unlocked stronger reporting insights with expanded data access

The best strategy is a data-driven one. In the last 12 months, Conductor prioritized several reporting enhancements to give customers a more comprehensive view of critical SEO and website metrics to enable more informed decision-making, including:

  • Over 13 months of on-demand historical data for any domain or page with Historical Domain Explorer
  • Comprehensive keyword insights via GSC in Page Details, bringing together GSC, tracked, and untracked data for total reporting efficiency

#3: Supercharged our innovation pipeline by acquiring Searchmetrics

Customers said “hallo” to services, resources, and support now available in German following Conductor’s acquisition of Searchmetrics, a long-standing SEO competitor based in Germany. Plus, Searchmetrics technology will continue to fuel exciting platform innovation in 2024.

Conductor’s logo and Searchmetrics’ logo are joined by a plus sign, in front of a black background.

Do your work in the platform and get help in the language you prefer with support team members fluent in German and English and Conductor’s recently launched German website.

#2: Deployed industry-leading AI innovation across the platform

As other companies raced to add AI buzzwords to their product pages, Conductor adopted a more strategic approach to implementing meaningful AI-powered capabilities. In speaking with Forrester, our POV is also supported by industry experts who say:

Marketers must prioritize high-quality content while genAI changes how search engines look and feel. Better performance comes from the quality of marketers' content and data inputs, which requires a deep understanding of audiences' intent.

Forrester, “How To Talk To Your AI-Integrated Search Engine,” Dec. 19, 2023 (opens in a new tab)

With an eye on the future of search, top enhancements included:

  • AI-powered analysis of how well your content addresses People Also Ask (PAA) results to ensure content resonates
  • Clear keyword prioritization powered by semantic analysis to identify terms most important to your audience for content creation and optimization opportunities
  • Auto-generated title tags and meta descriptions for faster content creation workflows

And we’re just getting started.

#1: Maximized your content’s potential with Writing Assistant

The big reveal! Our top feature release of 2023 was none other than Writing Assistant, which brings all of Conductor’s content intelligence to a centralized hub for creating and optimizing content.

Writing Assistant’s feature interface, with fields available to search a target keyword, import a URL, and customize the search engine. A panel below provides space to enter copy.

It’s the feature customers can’t stop talking about because it instantly assesses the SERP potential of any piece of in-progress or published content and provides actionable SEO recommendations.

Make this your go-to resource in 2024 to ensure your content is primed to rank in search engines and resonate with audiences—and where to optimize if not.

Want to see the year’s innovation in action? Check out our 2023 Wrapped video below.

Schedule your free demo today to see these top 10 feature releases in action and learn why Conductor is the best partner for your SEO needs.
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