Introducing the Conductor Forum

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  • By Patrick Morgan
  • 3 minutes read

Conductor's customers are the best Organic Marketing brains out there. That’s why we’re excited to launch the Conductor Forum—a new community experience for customers for all things tips & tricks, knowledge sharing, and peer advice.

When last year’s new work-from-home reality meant our annual C3 conference moved 100% virtual for the first time, we knew it would be different. (C3 Virtual proved to be a fantastic experience—check out our recap !)

Still, I missed seeing the in-person networking. There’s nothing like witnessing hundreds of attendees milling around, chatting about Organic Marketing, picking each others’ brains, and having a good time.

People! Talking face-to-face! Remember that!?

Well, things have changed a little bit. And while we are planning another fantastic virtual C3 event , one still misses that personal touch—learning from each other, getting a broader perspective about shared problems, and getting to know one another.

Get That C3 Feeling—All Year Round

The fact is, our customers, taken together, might be the best collection of Organic Marketing brains out there.

And while Conductor has worked hard to build a collaborative in-house team that can provide our customers with answers to the SEO questions that keep them up at night, it’s always great to hear other perspectives and ideas.

Our customers, all over the world, are experts at what they do. Experts about their industries, experts about their businesses, and experts about Organic. So, while we have a top-rated Customer Success team, a robust self-service Knowledge Base and Training Hub, and offer 24/5 chat support, we also want to amplify our customers’ expertise and experience.

And that’s why we’re excited to announce the Conductor Forum , a new community experience for our customers, now available in our Knowledge Base.

Learn from Your Peers and Share What You Know

With Conductor Forum, learn from the best minds in the industry—you and your peers. Pose and answer questions about the digital marketing industry or bounce fresh ideas off other SEOs and Content Marketers.

Share your best practices or post a think-piece about the latest rumors about the next Google algorithm change. Take advantage of the deep well of knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Best of all, our new forum experience is built natively into our Knowledge Base, so our customers can view all our support content and our user-generated content in one place.

A New Channel for Support

Get help on your own terms or be part of someone else’s solution. Find the answers you’re seeking in discussion threads with context and depth provided by diverse perspectives on organic marketing.

It’s a no-brainer—we can provide the means for our customers to share their expertise and advice with each other in the same place where we provide our own support content and advice.

Another Direct Line to Conductor

Conductor will be there to join in the conversation. Like we do across all our channels—like our email and chat support, our support content, and our support team—we’ll listen to feedback, chime in with our own recommendations, and pop in with our own favorite product workflows and industry thoughts.

We think this community will be a great way for our customers to make connections, learn more about the industry, and support each other.

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