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The New Content Workflow: Conductor Actions

Turn ideas into action with the new Conductor integration with Asana.

Fast-moving marketing teams like yours are constantly communicating and coordinating on key projects. Odds are you’re using a work management tool like Asana, Trello, or Jira to plan out who’s doing what by when, track progress, and share resources.

Conductor provides the insights that help you get closer to your customers: figure out what problems they are trying to solve, how they’re searching for answers online, and what your company can do to help them.

Now, you can take advantage of every single one of those opportunities more quickly and efficiently by turning your keyword research into trackable tasks in your work management tool. You should never miss a chance to help your customers and drive more ROI for your business from your marketing tech because of marketing silos or breakdowns in communication.

“Top-Notch SEO Requires Seamless Coordination, Not Another Siloed Team” -Forrester

Today we’re excited to announce the new Conductor integration with Asana as part of Conductor Actions. This is just the first step in bringing Conductor’s unique insights into your customers’ needs and voice into the tools and processes you and your team use every day.

Actions: The Future of Your SEO & Content Workflow

Simplifying workflow and making collaboration easier is key to the modern marketing team. With Conductor Actions, you can now collect, assign, and share the insights that drive your content strategy directly to the project management platform of your choice—like Asana or Jira. This integration makes it simpler and more natural to execute on key projects, collaborate, and ensure accountability across your team.

We built Actions because we saw our customers spending too much time collecting, organizing and tasking their projects, rather than spending time on revenue-driving activities. Now our customers can do more faster across their entire team. Bringing search insights into their workflows across channels empowers marketers to align all aspects of marketing with their customers’ needs.

“Whether it’s naming a new product or building your content strategy, search intelligence can and should be leveraged to inform business decisions,” said Neetu Rajpal, CTO of Conductor. “Actions facilitates that process—making search intelligence more actionable, empowering marketers to collaborate with stakeholders and have a sustainable impact on their business.”

This integration enables you to identify topics that resonate with your audience, create content briefs with Actions, and send that to your (or your team’s) queue in Asana for seamless collaboration. This takes the countless back-and-forth emails out of the equation when it comes to creating traffic-driving content.

What’s Available Today?

Today, Actions are available in Explorer to send insights, topics, and ideas directly to your team in Asana.

Conductor Actions integrates your keyword research directly into your content workflow

In the coming months, Conductor Actions will expand to support integrations with all the leading task management platforms, including Asana, Jira (Cloud and On-premise), and Trello. You will be able to send insights from across the entire Conductor platform into any of these tools.

Conductor Expands Your Marketing Toolset

Our new features aren’t limited to Actions: we are building out across the platform to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. We’ve introduced a new beta program in Conductor Labs that will allow you to see the whole picture of how your audience is getting to your content.

Use Conductor's Page Insights to understand how your audience is getting to your content across multiple channels

Using data from your integrated Google Analytics account, you will be able to see multi-channel and device-specific data daily: how your content is performing not just organically, but on social, paid search, or in email campaigns.

We’ve also added in new filtering options and new historical data in the Conductor Explorer feature and category filters in our Google Search Console Analytics report. You now have more options than ever when it comes to finding the insights you need from your data.

Get Actions today! If you’re a current customer and you’d like to be one of the first to take advantage Conductor Actions, register for the beta waitlist.

Not yet a Conductor customer? Drop us a line and we’ll get your team collaborating better than ever before.

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