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Conductor New Feature Roundup: Boost Traffic to Your Website

  • Product News
  • By Nobuki Fujioka
  • 4 minutes read

Increase traffic to your website with new features in Conductor’s latest releases.

Now that the year’s spookiest day has passed and Halloween decorations are being put back into attics, closets, and basements, marketers are turning their attention to the busiest time of year for all things retail.

The holiday season represents an enormous opportunity for marketing teams as consumers flock to Google to search for the latest, greatest, and trendiest must-have gifts. But, as all SEO and Content Marketers know, there is nothing more terrifying than not showing up on the SERP. By now, teams have been planning their calendar to hit all the right notes and increase site traffic from organic search. After all, e-commerce sales are expected to be 20% higher this year.

Marketers have a lot to consider when crafting this winning content that boosts traffic to their website: What questions are my customers asking? What elements will help my content rank? How will Google crawl my content?

This November, we’re releasing new ways to quickly and easily add Schema Markup to your content, manage your SEO and Content workflows, view and segment your paid and organic, and custom segments, all in the platform. Read on to learn more about the many mighty updates coming soon to Conductor.

Elevate Content with Schema Markup

While great content that helps customers is a clear north star for Organic Marketing teams, many factors help elevate your content. One of the most overlooked elements, Schema Markup, is semantic vocabulary that enhances your pages’ snippets on the SERP. Studies show that on average, webpages with schema markup rank four positions higher on the Google SERP. With two-thirds of Google’s search results lacking the rich snippets from schema markup, many marketers are missing opportunities to boost their brand’s visibility.

Conductor's Content Guidance indicates when schema markup either has or has not been used on your page and other top ranking pages

Early this year, Conductor released Content Guidance, providing marketers with on-demand access to AI-driven recommendations for crafting winning content, at scale. Users can simply input a topic or page (or both) to see a curated list of recommendations for creating and optimizing content - from metadata, to page health, and body copy. Now, Content Guidance offers insight into which schema markup is optimized for your content and how your top competitors are using it, giving you a new set of tools to rank.

Dig Deep with Flexible SEO Reporting

After creating content that ranks, organic marketers need a way to measure the impact that content is having on their website. With Segment Comparisons in Conductor, users can track and compare their segments head-to-head. New flexible segments give users the ability to dig deeper into how their segments interact and highlight the impact their SEO efforts are having on the bottom line.

Conductor's Segment Comparison feature lets you track and compare your page and keyword segments

With Conductor’s Content Performance, marketers can connect their SEO activities to business metrics with real-time performance reporting across all paid, owned, and earned channels. Uncover the full story behind your marketing impact with paid and organic performance synced together and dive deeper into each custom segment to see where investments should be increased or reallocated.

Conductor's Content Performance report connects SEO actions with business activity metrics including both paid and organic data

On-Demand Support to Expand Your Bandwidth

Whether creating content or measuring impact, marketers are often pressed for bandwidth. With Marketplace in Conductor, users have on-demand access to services from research, analysis, execution, and everything in between. Now with enhancements to Marketplace and Conductor Actions, users can track what’s been requested, by whom, and the current status with easy-access links to deliverables, all in Conductor. Get timely notifications for status updates as well as seamless ways to share feedback on your requests.

Unlock New Ways to Boost Visibility and Traffic to Your Website

Your content’s visibility on Google is essential for driving traffic to your website. With Conductor, uncover new insight to unlock content success -- from schema opportunities to paid and organic synergies -- and compare what's working and what's not, so you can make smarter decisions.

You can access all these features and more. Get a live demo from our experts today!

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