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Share Research Insights By Date & Leverage New ContentKing Services

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  • By Will Potts
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Raise your team’s potential with new research flexibility, technical SEO help from our experts, AI-powered content generation, and more.

It’s officially spooky season, so here’s an SEO fact that might shock you. Organic search accounts for nearly 40% of all website traffic in our analysis of enterprise domains across industries including finance, technology, healthcare, and travel. So how do you make sure you’re getting the most value possible from this critical channel?

Conductor’s latest set of releases help you identify more SERP opportunities, build buy-in for your next initiative, and ensure your website content is set up to succeed - all while saving your team precious bandwidth. Peek into the cauldron and see what’s brewing this month, including:

  • Expanded reporting flexibility
  • Two technical SEO services from our experts
  • Sign-in with Google
  • Coming soon: generative AI in Writing Assistant

Share research insights across any time frame from Explorer

Creating a persuasive narrative around your performance or an emerging threat means having the right data at your fingertips. Today, customers use Conductor’s Explorer daily as their one-stop shop for every research need, whether finding competitive keyword suggestions for a topic or investigating a domain’s ranking distribution. Now, researching a domain, subdomain or page in Explorer will provide even more flexibility to help you take action on these insights.

Conductor’s Domain Explorer is in the background, faded out in white, with two popup overlays. The first popup is labeled “Add to a Workspace” and shows customizations users can make when sending insights from the report to a dashboard. The second popup shows a date picker screen, where users can highlight the date ranges they want to report on.

With flexible dates in Domain Explorer, every widget you want to add to a reporting dashboard can be customized to cover the specific timeframe that best supports your reporting goals. Click the “Add to a Workspace” icon within the Domain Explorer report to select from several date configuration options, including:

  • Last 2 months
  • Last 6 months
  • Custom
  • Fixed start and end dates

Every month can bring specific challenges and opportunities for your business. You need to understand how seasonality trends or industry events impact your site or a competitor’s site, but you can’t do that without a robust set of historical data. That’s why Domain Explorer’s widgets can bring up to 14 months of performance insight directly into Workspaces for any domain for instant year-over-year comparison.

Outsource technical SEO analysis with new ContentKing services in Marketplace

Technically speaking, ensuring website health is a 24/7 job. There aren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of where the issues are and take action to resolve them. But failing to do so results in lost traffic, rankings, conversions, and revenue while also setting newly published content up to fail. That’s where Conductor’s Marketplace comes in.

Conductor’s Marketplace home page is in the background, with a pop-up overlay showing details of the Internal Linking Issues Report . The report name is at the top with Conductor’s light and dark green dotted logo beneath, and on the right is a button that says “Want this Service?”. A paragraph of text is in the middle explaining the main report details, and a list of check marks beneath outline key capabilities that are included.

Every day, Marketplace helps our customers boost efficiency and unlock bandwidth by making SEO services available in just a few clicks. With our latest offerings, customers can now request a Primary Metadata Issues Report or Internal Linking Issues Report to receive on-demand technical SEO support from our team of experts.

Do you know the length of the title tags, meta descriptions, or h1 tags on your site? They may be tedious, but these tags have a significant role in how your content ranks and what it ranks for. Request the Primary Metadata Issues Report for an in-depth look at any duplicate, missing, too short, and too long attributes in your content tags. Then, get an actionable list of next steps for every page with metadata issues - ready to share with any team.

The right use of internal links throughout your website helps boost the ranks of dozens of pages at a time, if not more. However, multiple website migrations, years of historical SEO neglect, internal team turnover, product or service changes, and more produce significant linking issues like broken links, orphan pages, and links to canonicalized or no-index pages. Assess the state of your site’s linking health—without the headache and lost hours—by requesting the Internal Linking Issues Report. Learn where you have broken links, links to redirects, orphan pages, and more, with clear prioritization based on how many pages are affected and how many Health Score points you can recover.

Both of these on-demand services are powered through ContentKing - so if you haven’t already signed up, get a trial and see how proactive monitoring can protect your success.

Let our proven experts handle time-consuming technical health analyses, so you and your team preserve more time for (gestures broadly) everything else on a marketers’ plate.

ICYMI: Sign in with Google Now Available

We know how scary it is to keep seeing “Wrong Password” when you’re trying to log in to a website. You and your team don’t want to be bothered by multi-step logins, typos, or password resets as you’re jumping between the different tools you leverage every day. That’s why Conductor has delivered a more streamlined, and equally secure, authentication experience to get you into the platform sooner.

Conductor’s main login screen providing a place for users to either enter their email or select “Sign in with Google”. Behind this white login window, a dark green and tan geometric wavelike pattern fills the background.

You can now log in to your Conductor account using your Google credentials. And when you have an active Google session, you’ll be able to jump into Conductor with just one click from the login screen. You’ll also have this login option when using the Conductor Chrome Extension. Click on the extension at the top of your browser and you’ll get a prompt to “Sign in with Google”.

Coming Soon: Give a Boost to Your Content Workflows with AI-Generated Tags in Writing Assistant

This August, Conductor launched Writing Assistant, the latest addition to our content intelligence suite that helps you maximize your content’s potential before you press publish. Whether building new copy or optimizing existing, Writing Assistant serves up actionable SEO recommendations based on the current top ranking content—as you write. Plus, using OpenAI’s GPT model, you get an AI-powered analysis of how well your content actually addresses the questions audiences are asking. But this is only the beginning of our plans to integrate AI.

Conductor’s metadata panel within Writing Assistant, allowing users to enter title tags and meta descriptions. A green and white lightbulb icon appears on the left of the title tag area, with a pop-up window below listing out AI-generated title tag suggestions. A checkbox option allows users to automatically append a brand name to each suggestion, with a space to provide the name.

In the coming weeks, we’re enhancing Writing Assistant to generate title tag and meta description suggestions that are pre-optimized using live SERP data. Your team will be set up to reach a new level of productivity, tackling more opportunities and scaling optimization efforts, with an AI-powered assist in your content processes. More exciting details are on the way, so keep an eye out on our blog for updates.

Take Your Execution Up a Notch with Conductor

Algorithm updates, mergers, new product launches - there’s a lot of signals your team needs to stay on top of. Make sure your team has the flexibility it requires, and can save bandwidth for what really matters, with Conductor’s latest enhancements.

Want to see more of this month’s releases in action? Check out the October Release video below.

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