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Maximize Your Content's Potential with Conductor's Writing Assistant

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  • By Jenny Li
  • 7 minutes read

Create better content faster by bringing your writing process and real-time, AI-powered SEO recommendations together in Conductor's Writing Assistant.

Securing top spots on SERPs for competitive search terms popular among your audience takes more than a well-written piece of content. It entails an in-depth SEO-focused content strategy, the right technology to access data to inform that strategy, and collaboration between multiple teams and stakeholders. Not only does all of that need to happen, but it also needs to happen as efficiently as possible. So it’s no surprise that B2B content marketers spend around 33 hours (AKA 82% of their work week) on content creation , according to Casted’s 2022 report. What if there was an easier way?

Introducing Writing Assistant, the latest addition to Conductor’s content intelligence suite that brings powerful SEO insights closer to your content workflow. Writing Assistant aims to maximize your content’s potential before you hit the publish button by providing real-time recommendations, including new insights powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, as your team writes it to guarantee it is optimized to succeed on SERPs and resonate with your audience.

Find out how it will transform the way your team approaches content creation, eliminate the guesswork, and maximize content performance without endless iterations.

Introducing Conductor’s Writing Assistant

Conductor’s Writing Assistant is the extra boost to your content process you won’t know how your team lived without. Gone are the days of publishing content only to find it’s not optimized for the opportunity and wasting significant bandwidth on revision after revision trying to figure out what should be changed. Writing Assistant allows users to start building new content from scratch or input any in-progress piece of content right within the platform and receive an instant assessment of its potential on the SERP, alongside actionable SEO insights and recommendations via Content Guidance—one of our customers’ most loved features.

Unlike the wave of other AI-powered content editing plug-ins launched since the initial ChatGPT hype, Writing Assistant takes a more holistic approach. This new feature moves beyond providing optimization best practices and assessing top-ranking content to delve deeper by evaluating the quality of the content relating to user intent, clarity, and relevance.

As one of our customers put it, Writing Assistant is “the perfect helper” because it allows you to breeze through the time-consuming tasks of content creation, like sifting through and cross-referencing insights, and focus more on the human creativity element, which is the magic that AI can’t replicate.

Write better content, faster

Whether your content team is creating new content from scratch, optimizing a draft before publishing, or improving existing content, Writing Assistant empowers your team to write better content in less time by providing real-time guidance as they’re writing.

A screenshot of the new Writing Assistance content intelligence tool that provides real-time SEO recommendations and quality improvements to content in the enterprise SEO platform, Conductor.

Easily input any in-progress content into Writing Assistant’s text editor to get the best of Content Guidance insights, from additional keyword opportunities to heading and body copy suggestions, without leaving the page. From there, dive right into identifying opportunities to provide informed feedback to other content writers or begin making direct edits yourself. Writing Assistant dynamically updates as your content changes, so you can see what improvements you’ve captured in your current draft and what opportunities remain.

Best of all, speed up collaboration with team members and decision-makers by directly sharing any drafts—including all related recommendations—to quickly review and align around the same set of data-driven best practices.

Ensure your content not only ranks but also resonates

Successful content that fuels business growth isn’t created solely to rank highly on SERPs. Effective content looks to answer the intent behind what people are searching for to provide value, which is what this new feature does best. Writing Assistant introduces a new functionality called “Questions to Answer” that analyzes how well your content addresses the top People Also Ask questions from Google, the top rich search result type across every industry analyzed in our 2023 SEO Benchmarks Report. Through our integration with GPT-4, we’ll tell you why your content is or is not addressing these questions and how you might be able to improve.

A look at the Questions to Answer functionality within Conductor's AI Writing Assistant content intelligence tool to help ensure content is adding value and answering related questions from users.

Use Writing Assistant to identify high-opportunity areas for your content to make it more relevant (and likely to rank) for the People Also Ask result type. Quickly assess early content drafts to ensure efforts are prioritized in the sections that will have the most impact.

Publish with confidence

Make more informed decisions on how to build and optimize your content to ensure it’s primed for success the first time around. Give your teams the confidence to work efficiently and cut down the lengthy cycle of revisions so your content gets published and crawled ASAP. And so your content starts driving value and gaining traffic ASAP.

Screenshot showing the validation green checks provided when drafted content includes core quality and optimization requirements in Conductor's Writing Assistant.

Quickly align multiple reviewers on the topics, keywords, and content attributes that matter most through data-driven SEO signals. Cut through content approval red tape by enabling approvers to quickly evaluate a piece of content’s potential at a glance. Give your writers what they have always wanted: fewer revisions.

Conductor’s unique approach to content quality

As search continues to evolve in the era of generative AI, content quality has never been more important. The SERP we’ve all come to know is changing, but one constant remains: how well your content addresses what people are searching for matters.

Google has confirmed that while other signals and ranking factors may change, the quality of your content—in relation to the value it provides searchers—continues to be the most critical factor. That’s why a core aspect of Conductor’s strategy around generative AI is focused on providing an enterprise SEO platform that empowers our customers to move beyond creating content optimized for search engines and, instead, take a comprehensive approach around intent, clarity, and relevance to produce content created for humans.

What sets Conductor’s AI-powered content intelligence apart

AI is the latest buzzword of the year, but it’s nothing new to Conductor. Our team has been streamlining the content process for several years through various AI enhancements. Our much-loved Content Guidance feature utilizes Natural Language Processing techniques to provide content recommendations across keyword insights, content attributes, and page health to help better anticipate your content’s potential on the SERP.

Writing Assistant is our newest offering, powered by GPT-4 and Content Guidance, which pairs real-time SERP data with the most advanced AI model available to ensure historical data limitations do not impact it. We are continuing to build and improve our AI models to allow for even better and more sophisticated insights and recommendations in the future. Our Questions to Ask functionality within Writing Assistant is a first look at a more extensive set of AI-powered content intelligence capabilities currently in development.

Step into the future of content creation

Writing Assistant is the first phase in our robust product-led strategy focused on leveraging AI to solve our customers’ problems faster. We’re excited to expand this functionality to analyze additional areas like originality, authoritativeness, and more as we further refine our proprietary models.

Stop settling for repackaged ChatGPT content intelligence solutions. Partner with us to chart the future of what content intelligence can do (and how you can benefit from it).

Bonus: watch a quick demo

Pat Reinhart, Conductor's VP of Services & Thought Leadership, gives an exclusive look at one of the many possible content workflows your team can unlock with Conductor’s Writing Assistant, specifically around optimizing an existing piece of content to improve its performance.

Reach out to schedule a free demo and see how Conductor helps you achieve your SEO and content marketing goals.
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