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New AI Writing Assistant & Seamless Login Experience in Conductor

  • Product News
  • By Will Potts
  • 3 minutes read

Empower your team to take down the SEO competition faster with new AI-powered content intelligence and a streamlined login experience in Conductor.

SEO is like soccer—even when you’re winning, you still get kicked in the shin sometimes. But unless you want to end up like the England women’s national football team (too soon?), you need to find new ways to attack to edge out your top competitors for the most coveted SERP positions. We’ve written step-by-step playbooks for your international expansion strategy and how to save time on daily SEO tasks, but what about maximizing success inside the platform?

Conductor’s latest enhancements bring your squad the flexibility they need to elevate their impact, whether it’s in the org or on the SERP. Check out what’s new this month, including:

  • A brand new content intelligence feature to craft high-quality content
  • Streamlined login experience

Optimize your content before you publish with Writing Assistant

Conductor is bringing AI-powered content intelligence directly to your writing process with your new favorite feature: Writing Assistant. Merge multiple steps of your content processes into one convenient location while enjoying a new level of confidence that your content is ready to take on (and outrank) the SERP competition.

Conductor’s Writing Assistant showing the feature interface. Fields at the top provide areas to search a target keyword, import a URL, and adjust the intended search engine, region, and language. Two panels appear below. The right panel provides a space to enter copy, while the left panel shows insights like questions to answer.

Writing Assistant leverages thousands of SEO signals to evaluate and improve your content’s ranking potential. If you’re building new content, simply copy and paste your drafted copy or start from scratch directly in Writing Assistant. If you’re optimizing a page, enter the URL and Writing Assistant will automatically populate the current copy. Next, provide the keyword you’re looking to target. Writing Assistant will compare your content to the top 15 ranking pages on the SERP in seconds. You’ll instantly receive real-time SEO insights and guidance from our much-loved Content Guidance feature based on how your content matches up, seeing exactly where you can optimize.

While on-page optimizations are important, the real rankability and quality of your content comes down to whether it matches the intent of your target audience. That's why Writing Assistant integrates with OpenAI (via API) to evaluate content quality relating to clarity, relevance, and more. This helps ensure your content is also answering the People Also Ask questions from Google for your target keyword, for example.

With Writing Assistant, you can streamline content creation processes and publish confidently, knowing every piece of content is set up to rank—and resonate—the first time around.

Coming this month: One less password to worry about with Google sign in

Researching competitors and optimizing content is a lot more fun than trying to remember another password, so we’re making it more efficient than ever to get you into the platform so you can get to work. Conductor’s new login option streamlines your user authentication experience while ensuring your data remains protected behind the industry’s highest security standards.

Conductor’s main login screen providing a place for users to either enter their email or select “Sign in with Google”. Behind this white login window, a dark green and tan geometric wavelike pattern fills the background.

When accessing the Conductor login screen, you’ll see the new “Sign in with Google” option.

Selecting this option will allow you to log in to Conductor using your Google account credentials. If you already have an active Google session, you can access Conductor’s platform in one click from the login screen; no re-authentication needed.

Stay one step ahead with Conductor

SEO is a fast-paced game, and you need an enterprise SEO platform that can keep your team running at full speed while driving stronger results. Give your team the ultimate competitive edge with Conductor’s latest enhancements.

Want to see more of this month’s releases in action? Check out the September Release video below.

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