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SoftwareReviews Names Conductor Champion in 2022 SEO Emotional Footprint Report

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  • By Nik Svoronos
  • 2 minutes read

Conductor tops ranking in 8 categories in SoftwareReviews' SEO Emotional Footprint Quadrant.

Infotech's SoftwareReviews has named Conductor a Champion in the 2022 SEO Emotional Footprint Report. Not only that, Conductor topped rankings for eight SEO-based categories. This report is compiled from real end-users' feedback via interviews and analyzed for authenticity to create a holistic, unbiased view of the market landscape. 16 vendors were evaluated on customer experience, implementation, service, and support. SoftwareReviews then ranks companies based on this feedback, and the placement of a software vendor in the report indicates its relative ranking within that segment.

Quick Stats About Conductor

  • Conductor's Overall CX Score: 9.0/10
    • Average: 8.2/10
  • Net Emotional Footprint: 90%
    • Average: 83%
  • Helps Innovate: 100%
    • Average: 85%
  • Trustworthy: 100%
    • Average: 90%
  • Client's Interest First: 100%
    • Average: 76%
  • Unique Features: 100%
    • Average: 82%

Conductor Wins Top Ranking in 8 Categories

  • Service Experience: Caring
  • Conflict Resolution: Trustworthy
  • Negotiation and Contract: Friendly Negotiation
  • Strategy and Innovation: Helps Innovate
  • Product Impact: Reliable
  • Product Impact: Unique Features
  • Negotiation and Contract: Client's Interest First
  • Strategy and Innovation: Inspiring

How Conductor Helps Innovate

Conductor's mission is to humanize marketing, and to us, that means putting Customers First. Knowing our customers' feedback is critical. It allows us to constantly innovate and create compelling product feature updates to the platform.

  • Increase collaboration across SEO workflows
  • Immediate, on-demand AI recommendations in Content Guidance
  • Measure the ROI of your organic marketing efforts
  • SEO insights on-the-go with Conductor for Google Chrome

At Conductor, we believe the best companies innovate their customer service just as much as their technology. We are humbled to learn that our efforts are being recognized by our customers.

Joe Taylor, VP, Talent Development & Culture Leader, Conductor

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