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How Unlimited Keyword Rank Tracking Changes the SEO Game

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  • By Aleks Merkovich
  • 5 minutes read

Conductor's Unlimited Keywords is all about unparalleled flexibility when it comes to keyword and competitive tracking. Learn more with these game-changing Organic Marketing use cases that highlight how to get the most out of this upgrade.

Earlier this year, Conductor introduced an all-new, industry-first Unlimited Keywords package, now offering customers the option to upgrade to unlimited keyword and competitive tracking. While many SEOs and digital marketers have been used to tracking a limited number of keywords, unlimited keyword rank tracking completely changes the game when it comes to scaling up your enterprise marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a current Conductor customer looking to upgrade, or a prospective customer looking to begin your SEO journey, here are several scenarios on how to track keyword ranking and how you can benefit from unlimited keyword rank tracking.

1. Track Unlimited Keywords Across All Devices

For a while now, search marketers have known that mobile searches are becoming increasingly important. Even Google knows this, as Google prioritizes crawling and indexing the mobile version of your website, and says that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor. Despite the rise of mobile searches, desktop still proves to convert better , leaving many search marketers with a classic dilemma: should I be tracking my searches on desktop or mobile? And if you decide to both, how do you divide your keyword allotment appropriately?

With unlimited keyword rank tracking, you no longer need to choose, and can track all your searches on mobile, desktop, and tablet. This gives you a full understanding of how your keywords rank, and can help you identify issues if you see large disparities between your rankings across devices.

2. Early Stage vs. Late Stage Content

As an enterprise-level business, you often want to target very high volume, early stage keywords that help customers find you early within their buyer journey. But to fully seal the deal, you also need supporting informational content, which often has lower volume and is in the late stages of the buyer journey. Due to keyword limits on other keyword rank trackers, most businesses focus on tracking those higher volume keywords, leaving lower volume, high converting keywords by the wayside.

With Unlimited Keywords, you can now track all these keywords, making sure you have every step of the buyer journey covered. With more insights about how you rank across the board, you can find content opportunities that bring your brand to the consumer, all the way from consideration to conversion.

3. Expand to New Categories and Segments

Enterprise businesses often have many different divisions, and it’s hard to track keywords related to every offering when there’s a limit. For example, maybe you’ve been focused on the B2C division because it’s the biggest revenue earner, and have been ignoring your B2B side because you lack the tracking capabilities within your current plan.

But with unlimited keyword rank tracking, you can now get visibility into departments or divisions that normally don’t get as much attention. Within Conductor, you have the ability to group your keywords into categories, meaning you can create keyword groupings to reflect certain parts of the business. This will allow more people to incorporate SEO and keyword data into their daily marketing workflows.

4. Monitor Branded Keywords

Many companies see branded keywords as a given: that they will always rank for them, and that they will always be number one, so there is no need to track them. This, however, is not always the case. If you run a well known brand, monitoring your branded keywords is important for maintaining your reputation and identifying areas of improvement.

If you’re not ranking #1 for your branded terms, whether that be about your shipping policy or customer service information, you are not giving your customers the best brand experience. With unlimited keywords, you can now track all your relevant brand terms, making sure you touch base with customers at every stage of the buying process.

5. Paid Keyword Synergy

SEO and PPC are both inherently keyword-based strategies, and data from one channel can inform the other. Whether you’re looking to reduce ad spend on keywords where you rank well, increase ad spend on keywords that don’t rank well, or improve click-through-rates for your organic and PPC listings, you will need ranking information for your paid keywords to make any proper decision. Now that you have unlimited keyword rank tracking, you can track the organic performance of your paid keyword targets, allowing you to achieve cross-channel synergy like never before.

6. Product Launches, Service Expansion, and Competitor Acquisitions

Like all businesses, the best way to stay competitive is to innovate, which often means launching new products and services. But if you’re at your keyword limit, how do you measure the success of your product launch when you can’t track any additional keywords? Spoiler alert: the answer is unlimited keywords. If you know that your business is going to expand its offerings in the next few years, you will inevitably need to track more keywords, so signing up for unlimited keywords is a great way to ensure your marketing team is set up for success.

Similarly, if you’re acquiring a competitor or another business to expand your offerings, you should also be tracking the keywords that they performed well for. If your keyword tracking is set up to only look at your current business, rather than all the offerings your company will provide in the future, you will be left with a large lack of visibility. With unlimited keywords, you can ensure that you’ll be able to properly track and understand your performance across every service and product your company has to offer.

With unlimited keywords, the possibilities are endless, and there are probably more benefits than the ones listed above.

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