An Inside Look at the Goodwill of Greater Washington’s Digital Strategy

Learn how the Goodwill of Greater Washington team expanded their SEO knowledge and revamped their digital strategy with Conductor.

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Rockville, MD




"Conductor provided us with analytics that we hadn’t been able to see. We were able to really gauge where we were. One of the first things we did was make sure our URLs were vanity URLs. Once we made the switch, we saw an increase in rankings, and, for some of our pages, a huge spike."

Shanna Gidwani
Digital Media Manager Goodwill of Greater Washington

"The biggest benefit is really just a much greater understanding of the value of SEO and the strategy behind it. I know that from my conversations with Tom, that we’ve seen a measurable increase in organic traffic and a direct result of creating 'friendly' URLs."

Brendan Hurley
M.S.M. Chief Marketing Officer Goodwill of Greater Washington

"Conductor was a huge help for me, especially in designing and structuring the new website that should be launching early next year. Conductor just gave me a whole bunch of back-end resources that you don’t usually see or you can’t read about."

Tom O’Keefe
Web & Graphic Design Manager Marketing & Communications Goodwill of Greater Washington

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