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Char-Broil’s team launched a content marketing initiative designed to continually engage with potential customers by using targeted content throughout the entire customer journey. With infinite topics to choose from, they needed a technology to show them what consumers were searching for, what content would have the greatest impact, and how to measure their success.

"It’s a huge missed opportunity to only engage with our customers when they are ready to buy a new grill, which happens every 4-8 years. We want to be their go-to guide for the total grilling experience – recipes, tips and tricks, step-by-step instructions throughout the customer journey."

Leandi McMurphy, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Char-Broil


With Conductor as their market research and content discovery technology, Char-Broil’s team created an editorial calendar around high-value topics and content types throughout the customer journey. In-house and freelance writers created new content and improved existing content based on Conductor Searchlight’s search and customer-intent insights.

"Conductor’s technology empowered us to focus and figure out what content types and topics would have the biggest impact. We use it as an audience discovery platform to drive our editorial calendar."

Leandi McMurphy, Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Char-Broil


Powered by Conductor’s technology, Char-Broil’s content strategy drove a 110% increase in organic traffic and a 56% increase in overall traffic to the site, exceeding their goal by 6x.