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The First 100 Days: Why Sealed Air Chose Conductor

Sealed Air Corporation creates a world that feels, tastes and works better. See what they learned and gained from Conductor's SEO Platform that helped them advance their goals.

About Sealed Air

Charlotte, NC
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Whether you know it or not, you’ve used Sealed Air  products. You’ve popped your Sealed Air Bubble Wrap® with gusto, enjoyed a luxurious evening in a hotel room cleaned with its products, and likely had the most delicious Thanksgiving Day Turkey care of its food packaging division.

sealed air warehouse

Sealed Air is one of the most powerful, ubiquitous companies you’ve never heard of. “Say Apple, Nike, or Walmart, and everyone knows those companies,” Benjamin Pollack, Sealed Air’s Executive Director of Digital Marketing explains. “If you say Sealed Air, they look at you like you’ve got 10 heads.”

Expect that to change. On the heels of a huge site redesign, Sealed Air is changing the way they sell to the way you buy – they’re building a global, organic web presence. One new addition to their digital marketing arsenal is the Conductor SEO Platform.

Two Daunting Marketing Challenges

You might imagine that the makers of Bubble Wrap have it easy when it comes to online market share – but that’s where you’re thinking too small. Sealed Air dominates the search results for those famous branded products, yes, but what about people who don’t know what they need?

Challenge #1: Reaching new customers with unbranded, educational content.

“Everyone knows Bubble Wrap. I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who we’d surprise with Bubble Wrap as a great new product. But we have hundreds of other products, too. People out there want ‘clear display packaging,’ or ‘moldable packaging.’

detailed image of packaging made by sealed air

“While we know these consumers are looking for products like Korrvu and Instapack, individuals, business owners, and eCommerce companies don’t know those products unless they’ve engaged with them in the past.

“We want to make sure that whatever their need is, they can search for it and find us. That’s who we’re really trying to attract: new customers, and people who are already customers but don’t know all of what we have to offer.”

-Benjamin Pollack, Executive Director, Digital Marketing

Challenge #2: Not just any traffic: qualified traffic.

“We don’t just need traffic; we need qualified traffic. There may be a ton of searches around Bubble Wrap, but our customers are manufacturers, not the everyday folks looking to ship something to grandma or grandpa.

“We need to drill down into the most valuable keywords to target with our content. We need business intelligence around search to be able to make better and more informed decisions. We need to speak to different stakeholders in our company in compelling, relevant ways. All of that must be backed by data.”

-Lauren Hannan, Global Web Analytics and Search Manager

Why Content Intelligence Technology Means More Digital Market Share

Sealed Air needed a global keyword strategy, and that’s why their marketing team acquired powerful data-driven platform. With Conductor, they’re answering questions like: How is our organic web presence doing? How can we improve? How are our competitors doing? What are people searching for?

sealed air and conductor customer success collaboration

Sealed Air’s team also needed content intelligence software to intelligently change the content on their website. They had content, but not great content – just placeholder information. It takes powerful data to understand what content people want and engage with that’s relevant to Sealed Air’s business – and to create that great content on a global scale.

After extensive research and evaluation, Sealed Air’s team picked Conductor for a few reasons. Here are Ben and Lauren’s Top 5:

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is awesome. The workspaces are so intuitive. I love how, in Conductor’s Platform reporting, you can click on a graph and it will take you to the right spot in the platform. So we know that’s going to save us time, and that way we can work on more strategic stuff, rather than being stuck “in the weeds,” with nitty gritty tactics.

We love the ability to integrate and centralize our other, preexisting tools and analytics in Conductor’s SEO Platform.

An essential benefit of Conductor is the ability to customize different views for different users. We plan to get everyone from developers to communication specialists in Conductor’s Platform, and it’s important to create a custom environment for them so they’re getting the information they need.

We are impressed with Conductor’s development cycles, and the timeliness of its innovations. We’ve seen our feedback quickly reflected in subsequent iterations of Conductor’s software. Conductor listens and acts on product feedback, and the roadmap for future features is unique and exciting.

We know from other clients and our previous experience with Conductor how great the customer service is, and how seriously Conductor takes the onboarding process. We love that Conductor gives us the tools, knowledge, resources and continued support to really be successful in all of our efforts.

Why Great Onboarding Matters

“There’s nothing worse than getting a tool and implementing it and not knowing how to use it, and then never seeing the value. What we need is hand-holding, attentive onboarding, continual help, support, and resources to really be successful. That’s why we picked Conductor.” (Lauren Hannan)

“With some companies, we’ve found the onboarding process looks like this: here’s your login, here’s an hour training on the tool… go have fun. But that won’t work for us.

“Doing all the keyword research we need – our own terms, division terms, competitors’ terms, and just getting a grasp on our organic web presence is something that could take two or three full time employees who we don’t have. That’s why we picked Conductor; we know they’re a true partner, and we won’t have to take on everything ourselves.” (Ben Pollack)

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