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Citibank Doubles Conversions with Conductor

Learn how Citibank and Conductor joined forces to boost Citi’s organic presence and SEO expertise, resulting in a 100% year-over-year increase in credit card applications.

About Citibank

New York, NY
Company Size
Financial Services

Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup. Citibank was founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York and later became the First National City Bank of New York.

The Challenge

Like many teams trying to expand their organic search presence, Citi’s marketing team faced several challenges in building their organic marketing efforts. Specifically, they struggled with high-level issues like breaking down information silos across multiple international teams and consolidating their essential data and metrics in one place, as well as the day-to-day management of such a large digital presence.

Your digital presence today is probably the most important thing you manage. Having that organic presence managed well is not easy… It gives you a real advantage in the marketplace to have a platform as powerful as Conductor in your arsenal.

Louis Cohen, Head of Search, Affiliate Marketing, & Lead Generation, Citibank (opens in a new tab)

They also faced more tactical challenges like knowing which keywords, topics, and personas to target; a familiar blocker for anyone with SEO experience. However, thanks to their partnership with Conductor, these challenges weren’t built to last.

How Conductor Helped

One of the first things the team at Citi did was integrate their web analytics with Conductor Conductor. This gave a complete view of their digital marketing presence, in one place. The Conductor + Adobe Analytics integration ties Adobe’s page-level metrics, like traffic and acquisitions, to data around different personas and how those personas find and interact with Citi’s content.

Infographic detailing how Conductor integrates with Adobe analytics and the metrics it provides

Together, these insights gave Citi’s team a nuanced understanding of what search terms they should use for each product to attract specific customer personas.

Our Adobe and Conductor integration gives us a better and more comprehensive understanding of our online performance. Adobe gives us metrics like visits and page views, but it’s Conductor that pulls that story together.

Steven Bush, VP, Search Marketing, Citibank (opens in a new tab)

Centralized information is crucial to staying agile in digital marketing. The Conductor + Adobe Analytics integration is a big step toward breaking down the information silos that block teams. When considering the size of Citibank’s team and how globalized they are, the need for centralized information became even more critical. With further integration opportunities within Conductor to task management tools like Jira and Asana, the Citi team found they could seamlessly share even more information and improve cross-departmental collaboration.

Conductor further empowered the Citi marketing team with key content creation guidance. Conductor enabled the team to actively focus on the online buyer’s journey and target specific keywords and customer personas with their content to drive clicks, engagement, and conversions.

One of the biggest challenges that we’ve had was making sure that we’re using the right keywords, the right terminology, the right content for the right product. And Conductor helped us with that. It’s enabled us to get qualified prospects engaged with Citi sooner and get our brand and products top-of-mind.

Mandy Fredenhagen, Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing, Citibank (opens in a new tab)

Citi used Conductor to help launch their Citi Credit Knowledge Center . The goal was to create a single source of truth that would answer all of their customers’ questions about credit. Conductor insights streamlined the whole process, showing them which personas to speak to, the right words to use, and what questions to answer.

The Results

Since partnering with Conductor, Citi’s marketing experts have increasingly found that the most qualified prospects tend to engage through organic search, with customers who find Citi through organic search being 15% more likely to convert than any other online channel. In fact, organic search has significantly impacted acquisition and revenue.

...When we invest a dollar in organic marketing, we can save 30 dollars in our SEM strategy. Organic search is now a significant source for acquisition and revenue, and it delivers by far the greatest ROI of all marketing channels.

Steven Bush, VP, Search Marketing, Citibank (opens in a new tab)

Check out a few more of Citibank’s digital accomplishments:

Boosted credit card applications: With the creation of their Citi Credit Knowledge Center powered by Conductor insights, credit card applications doubled year-over-year.

Increased traffic to product pages: Citi saw a significant boost in traffic to key product pages year-over-year since investing in Conductor.

Learn more about the day-to-day impact that Conductor can have on your marketing presence. Request a demo today or hear the marketing leaders at Citi speak to the impact of Conductor in their own words below.

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