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How Sambla Group Grew Organic Traffic 525% with ContentKing

Learn how Sambla group was able to boost organic traffic by 525% with some help from ContentKing and how you can drive similar growth.

About Sambla Group

Stockholm, Sweeden
Company Size
< 1,000
Financial Services

Sambla Group is a FinTech company with the mission to give every person the best possible terms on their consumer loans and mortgages. With HQ based in Stockholm, Sweden, Sambla employs roughly 370 people and offers financial help to thousands of people across the globe.

The challenge

Sambla Group operates 10 websites in four different languages. Overseeing thousands of pages in multiple distinct markets and languages quickly became unfeasible for Sambla’s SEO team.

Marcus Sätherström , Head of SEO at Sambla, led a team of two dedicated SEOs that didn’t have enough bandwidth or the right tools to monitor so many pages and sites. This core issue caused a domino effect, eventually leading to:

  • Pages being deleted by Product or IT teams without proper redirects implemented
  • Duplicate pages being published on the website
  • Technical issues and broken links going unnoticed
  • Missing titles and key headers (H1, H2) on critical pages
  • Reduced organic visibility for the brand and corresponding websites

Marcus and his team needed to find a way to streamline the monitoring and crawling process of their sites, respond to issues as quickly as possible, and ensure they could migrate newly acquired websites confidently.

The solution

Marcus found the answer to their problems with ContentKing. ContentKing removed the burden of manually monitoring each of Sambla’s 2,000 pages from Marcus and his team. Now, ContentKing audits and monitors Sambla’s sites 24/7 and immediately alerts Marcus and his team of any website updates, page changes, or technical issues.

Instead of us crawling the site for broken links or missing titles, ContentKing can do it for us. That gives us more time to create content and focus on developing the sites.

Marcus Sätherström, Head of SEO, Sambla Group (opens in a new tab)

SEO alerting allowed Marcus and his team to transition from a reactive strategy to a proactive strategy. With around-the-clock alerts, Marcus and his team could easily stay on top of potentially harmful SEO issues, like an expiring SSL certificate, and take action before rankings or traffic are impacted.

ContentKing’s Change Tracking feature monitors every change made to any of Sambla’s sites and pages and delivered updates of these changes directly to Marcus’ inbox. This meant that Marcus would be alerted when a change was made and by whom, allowing him and his team to immediately identify issues, like pages being deleted by other teams, and quickly resolve them.

Several other teams work with our sites as well [as the SEO team]. Since these other teams may not be fully aware of SEO and [how they] can affect it, ContentKing is very important for us.

Marcus Sätherström, Head of SEO, Sambla Group (opens in a new tab)

The results

With the help of ContentKing, Marcus and his team could say goodbye to the manual workflows that had become overwhelming to manage. Now, the team could monitor and evaluate their site’s performance and move quickly to make improvements to boost Sambla Group’s organic visibility. ContentKing insights and alerts also helped them adjust and streamline their SEO strategy. Altogether, the partnership and strategy improvements drove significant impact, specifically:

Increased productivity of SEO team by 20%

ContentKing helped to save the SEO team significant time and energy by highlighting issues before they spiral out of control and become more challenging to resolve. Manual site crawls have been completely replaced by ContentKing’s automated crawling and monitoring features. In addition, Marcus and his team can address site issues and changes much faster than before with ContentKing’s SEO alerts.

[Without ContentKing], it would be a mess to monitor all of our sites, and would probably be 10-20 hours per week in total to make sure the sites are looking good.

Marcus Sätherström, Head of SEO, Sambla Group (opens in a new tab)

A 525% YoY increase in monthly organic traffic to one website

Constant monitoring and alerts from ContentKing helped Sambla identify and address key site issues before traffic was impacted, but by removing tedious manual tasks, SEOs were able to focus more time on creating high-quality content and improving the experience of their users. This adjustment of their SEO strategy helped Sambla drive 525% more organic traffic to a key site since the start of their ContentKing partnership.

If you want to drive growth and increase SEO productivity like Sambla Group, sign up for a free trial of ContentKing , and see how automating manual tasks will improve your workflows.

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